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SCP-014-PT, photographed by Dr. Maxime.

Item #: SCP-014-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The location where SCP-014-PT is located is a private lot surrounded by concrete walls 2.5 meters high, equipped with electric fences, in a heavily wooded areas. A one-way street connects the containment site to the nearest road.

The containment site must be guarded by an official Foundation security team who will routinely patrol the perimeter; motion sensors must be installed in the surroundings of the location. Civil intruders must be treated with Class D amnestics and placed under custody of local police forces; the use of lethal force in case of invasion by hostile factions is authorized.

Due to exposure to weather and the elements and damage caused by possible incidents and tests, SCP-014-PT will receive scheduled maintenance on a monthly bases; the doors and windows of the facades of SCP-014-PT must remain locked during periods other than tests and maintenance.

Due to the trigger for activating the additional anomalous effects of SCP-014-PT, any device capable of filming and/or photographing must be kept out of the object's containment zone. Any material that presents anomalies consistent with the effects of the object circulating in social or communication media must be discredited through the Disinformation Campaign "Clickbait!".

Description: SCP-014-PT is a cinematographic location built in the image of a Parisian urban spot. The buildings do not have an apparent interior, being facades that are supported by steel frames. The rear parts of the structures are accessible, but do not have any anomalous features.

The main effects of SCP-014-PT encompass spatial-dimensional transmutation; despite the supposed lack of internal structures, individuals can use the doors and windows to move between the external and internal areas of SCP-014-PT.

When one of the two ways is opened, an interior of variable appearance, size and content according to the type of establishment represented by the facade appears. Facades whose doors and windows are removed will lose this anomalous capability, individuals or objects inside these facades will not be able to return to the external area until the restoration of a door or window, making locomotion between exterior and interior possible again; rooms will not be modified again if there is an alien person or object inside; the use of apparatus for the demolition of the interior walls of the rooms only generates light damage.

Addendum 014-PT-A: Most of the objects found inside these interiors are scenographic, however, during an SCP-014-PT-1 event, these items, despite having variable material compositions, will present a functioning identical to their peers.

The secondary effects of SCP-014-PT are activated when one or more photographic or filming instruments are used within the containment perimeter. From this moment onward, translucent humanoid entities will progressively materialize in the location, until they become solid. These entities have variable human psychophysical features mainly associated with the Parisian urban population. These entities are able to move between external and internal areas of SCP-014-PT.

These secondary effects will progressively cease from the moment the recording equipment is turned off or removed from the containment perimeter. These events may spontaneously cease in some cases; if a device continues filming SCP-014-PT, a new event will occur within 30 seconds.

During this period of anomalous activity, an event of interest, designated SCP-014-PT-1, will occur at the filming location, similar to film media recordings. This event of interest will be exposed by the characters involved in the plot and will have a variable genre, but always based initially on objective knowledge of reality. As the event progresses, plot-related events will become disconnected until they become extremely surreal.

External interactions to events during SCP-014-PT-1 will be assimilated by improvisation by the characters initially while the phenomenon remains active. Assimilated individuals will act spontaneously and consistently with the anomalous entities and will return to their pre-intervention psychophysical state when the anomalous effect ceases.

Addendum 014-PT-B: The range of the anomalous effects of SCP-014-PT appears to be congruent only to the initial discovery location of the object, since tests involving parts of SCP-014-PT outside of the containment terrain were not able to activate the primary or secondary features of the anomaly.

Addendum 014-PT-C: Excerpt from Test 014-PT #5.

SCP-014-PT Discovery and Recovery Report: The Foundation discovered SCP-014-PT after the circulation of video media and photographs about a haunted movie set in an influential community of conspiracy theories and occult enthusiasts.

The content quickly gained notoriety among similar communities, and dozens of individuals flocked to the location to confirm the anomalous effects of the object; by the time Mobile Task Force Sigma-2 arrived on the scene, a camp, supported by electricity generators brought in by the members, had been set up on the outskirts of SCP-014-PT, with the presence of various equipment for video recording, production and filming, and several individuals assimilated by SCP-014-PT.

There was no armed conflict during the intervention, which was aided by information captured by the studies of posts by community internet users, MTF members seized the equipment, and the individuals present at the location, which received Class-C amnestic treatment before being released. According to the recovered material and individuals interrogated under Foundation custody, the groups had already been there for more than 72 hours.

After capturing the civilian parties involved, the Foundation contacted the rightful owner, apparently unaware of the capabilities of SCP-014-PT, of the land where SCP-014-PT is located and purchased it without complications, establishing the relevant containment protocols in this document.

Addendum 014-PT-D: Transcript of a video posted by one of the forum members before being under Foundation custody.

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