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Item #: SCP-014-VN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-014-VN should be kept in a Safe-class locker at Site-13-VN. Foundation agents must keep track of GoI-386 ("Dr. Wondertainment") to identify other similar anomalous objects.

Description: SCP-014-VN is a box of crayons, with no trademark printed outside the box other than a purple letter "W" at the front. SCP-014-VN displays no anomalous properties when left untouched. Its anomalous properties only manifest when handled by a child between 6 and 11 years old. When a child meeting such criteria draws a picture with the crayons inside the box, SCP-014-VN will allow for all objects in the picture to manifest in reality, including cases when the existence of such objects defies non-anomalous scientific rules. These objects will exist in roughly an hour since the picture's completion.

After the child finishes drawing said picture, a message will appear on the other side of the paper used to draw the picture. This message is presumed to be a commercial from Dr. Wondertainment, and read as follow:


The Magical Crayon Box!

Dear kids,

Perhaps each and everyone of you has a secret dream for yourself, and always wants to realize your dream. But it all seems to be super complicated, am I right? Don't worry, Dr. Wondertainment will come to help you with the job!

With these Dream Crayons™, your doodles will walk out of your paper and become reality, regardless of how gigantic they are. With this box of crayons, you will be able to have so much fun wandering in your own imaginative world.

So let's get to your local shop and buy yourself a box of Dream Crayons™ right now!

Notice to Parents: Keep out of little children's reach; this product is only for children between 6 and 11 years old. People with allergies to peanuts should not use this product in any case.
(*) Only effective in one hour after being used. Dr. Wondertainment promises not to harm your children, but will not take any responsibility for casualties resulted from the product being used.

A theory was raised that SCP-014-VN does not only create objects that appear in the picture, but also rely on the subject's subconsciousness to realize their wishes. The mechanism that SCP-014-VN uses is still unknown.

Experiment Log: The following logs contain information of all experiments pertaining to SCP-014-VN. The experiments are conducted at ██████ Primary School under the guise of a drawing contest. All subjects and observers participating in the experiments were administered amnestics per Foundation protocols.

Subject Picture Phenomenon Notes
Thanh (6 years old) Kir%20v%C3%A0%20b%C3%A1nh%20k%E1%BA%B9o A short-lasting rain occurs inside the school yard. Candies of various types dropped from the sky instead of water drops as usual. The amount of candies in the picture and in reality are equal, and these candies can safely be consumed.
Huy (7 years old) Ai%20l%E1%BA%A1i%20%C4%91%E1%BB%8Dc%20c%C3%A1i%20n%C3%A0y%20c%C6%A1%20ch%E1%BB%A9%3F The subject was happy to "receive high grades". Of note is that the subject's studying results are unsatisfactory. Inspection of his school transcripts shows that all bad grades have been replaced by excellent grades. Interviews with the subject's teachers revealed that they have no knowledge of such changes.
Châu (9 years old) Ch%E1%BB%8B%20Bou After the picture's completion, a domestic dog of Phú Quốc Ridgeback breed spontaneously appears in the area. It walks to the subject's proximity and attempts to play with her. The subject's homeroom teacher leaves the following commentaries on her: "Châu usually participates in lessons actively. However, she does not seem to have any friends, as she is new to this school. On normal days, she often comes to the school guard's booth to play with his dog"
[30 other experiments redacted for brevity]
Quân (10 years old) Kir%20binh%20chi%E1%BA%BFn An instance of Tyrannosaurus rex appears in the area and destroys the surroundings; however, it does not harm the subject and allows him to ride on its back. This species had become extinct since the Maastrichtian age.
Hưng (11 years old) wow Two sets of skeletons spontaneously appear and sit down next to the subject, with the subject sitting in between them. The subject's parents passed away 10 years ago in an accident.

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