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Item #: SCP-015-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-015-DE is to be assigned a standard office, furnished as usual. In addition, SCP-015-DE is assigned a secretary who takes care of the common paperwork, limits access to the office and answers phone calls, wherefore she is stationed in the outer office. Arming the secretary is not necessary. Surveillance of SCP-015-DE's office is not allowed, as this could not do its work then. Once a week, SCP-015-DE is provided with a bubble bath, which it may share with SCP-███ by allowance of O5-█. Working with SCP-015-DE has proven most effective, when extensive documentation is compiled and a professional tone is heeded. Regarding interaction with SCP-015-DE, special behavior rules have been put in place as of the 20██-██-██, listed in the section “Legal information”.

Description: SCP-015-DE is the replica of a specimen of the family of anatidae (ducks). The body color is that of a chicken fledgeling (yellow). SCP-015-DE is also equipped with eyeglasses, a stethoscope and a lab coat over a blue top. Rude scientists found the inscription “Seifenpalast GmbH und Co. OHG”1 on the bottom side. SCP-015-DE is visually indistinguishable from other instances of the “Dr.”-type of this manufacturer.

SCP-015-DE has been proven to be a leading scientist of Department-██, as it leaves white-papers on the desks of its colleagues at regular intervals, and has the ability to lead colleagues to unimagined mental breakthroughs in scientific conversations through attentive listening.

Initially it was assumed this was a common psychological effect2 and that the papers were a joke by an unknown prankster. Nevertheless, multiple dedicated experiments have shown that in cases of a convincing incorporation of Dr. Duck in real situations, a human female figure manifests, though with limited influence on its surroundings.

In a qualitatively especially authentic experiment in which Dr. D███ spend a candle-light-dinner with SCP-015-DE, “Dr. Duck” accomplished the consumption of a full glass of red wine and initiate mouth-to-mouth-contact with Dr. D███, which thereafter was described “as if you would kiss a bouncy ball”. Another, especially strong manifestation is documented in detail in Protocol No. 17/28a. These manifestations can only be perceived by individuals directly involved in the situation, while outsiders only see a maniac qualified colleague with a rubber duck. However it is possible to record this manifestations with a recording device calibrated according to Protocol 7383, so that by now the actual existence of SCP-015-DE as a real and acting entity is only rarely doubted, even by the greatest skeptics.

Legal information: As SCP-015-DE has been active in the Foundation for a considerable time, our legal department has employed a code of conduct, after receiving multiple complaints and SCP-015-DE carried out its threat to limit her scientific contributions to poetic descriptions of the floor: In that week the scientific output of Department-██ was reduced to a fraction.4

  • Attempts to make SCP-015-DE “squeak” is regarded sexual harassment and results in mandatory attendance of a class with Dr. F███. Repeated offenses will result in a fine and demotion, or premature termination of service and reassignment to class D.
  • Innuendos regarding SCP-015-DE nature as a replica of a duck, including puns and images, are regarded a discriminating insult according to paragraph 17a of our personnel regulations. If it is apparent that this happened intendedly, the first offense results in an entry in the personal records which cannot be removed earlier than after one year. Every further incident results in disciplinary measures. SCP-015-DE reserves civil action.

With addition to the SCP-015-DE report and the afore public memo, this rules of conduckt are regarded as mandatory and will hopefully result in a cessation of the offenses.
Note: Talk like that is exactly what you have to desist from. I will let it stand as a reminder and note that the author has been suspended for two weeks and was assigned as cleaner for SCP-████. Signed Dr. G████, director of the legal department.

Additional documentation
Protocol No. 17/28a [FILE NOT FOUND]

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