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SCP-015-IT, recorded by one of the cameras placed by the SSM-IV during capture operations.

Item #: SCP-015-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-015-IT is contained in a standard cell for humanoids in Site Vittoria and is kept under surveillance by a system of cameras and infrared sensors; the room and the adjacent corridors must be painted white and be kept well lit. Two times per day, a pig (Sus domestica) is to be introduced in the cell to let SCP-015-IT feed.
Personnel assigned to SCP-015-IT must take psychological evaluations weekly and must be cycled every 3 months.

Description: SCP-015-IT is a humanoid entity around 1.9 meters tall, with hairless skin capable of absorbing 98% of incident light. Its face possesses no nose or external ears, and its eyes can emit light due to photophores placed on its iris. The mouth has 8 pointed teeth in each jaw, while the tongue (28 cm long) is forked; on both points there are two hollow needles directly connected to the esophagus. SCP-015-IT's arms are disproportionately long when compared to the body and the hands end with four clawed hands. Physically, SCP-015-IT appears to have reduced muscular mass; despite this, it is surprisingly strong and can easily subdue an adult human. SCP-015-IT is highly resilient to physical damage and can heal quickly from wounds and damage to internal organs.

SCP-015-IT is predominantly active during the night and feeds exclusively on adrenaline and noradrenaline produced by mammals, with a preference for human prey. To procure them, SCP-015-IT developed a hunting method aimed at scaring its target as much as possible: usually, it hides in dark spots, trying to not be seen, and stalks its victim. If it is not spotted, SCP-015-IT waits until its prey is distracted and approaches it silently, before grabbing it and biting them on the side. The bite is not meant to kill the victim, but to use the large teeth as anchors while the tongue darts forward and sinks directly in the adrenal gland1; the adrenaline rich blood rich is aspirated through one of the needles, while the other expels it with the addition of a mild sedative. This allows SCP-015-IT to keep the prey immobile without wasting too much energy, and to leave undisturbed after its meal.

Prolonged observation of SCP-015-IT causes psychic deterioration to exposed subjects, with auditive and visual hallucinations, panic attacks, and, in the most sensitive individuals, damage to the cardiovascular system; the first symptoms appear after two weeks, but this time is reduced if SCP-015-IT doesn't feed regularly; the cause of this phenomenon is currently unknown, but it is theorized it is a method to rend vulnerable preys that would be too strong or aggressive otherwise.

Recovery log: SCP-015-IT was captured on 22/05/2012, after the police of [DATA REDACTED], in the province of Caserta, received many reports of "vampire" attacks. Site Vittoria sent the SSM-IV ("Pugnus Ferri") to deal with the menace. Due to its unsuspected agility and its coloring which allowed it to hide in dark areas, SCP-015-IT managed to avoid capture until it was shot with a transmitter that allowed the Foundation to trace its position. When it was surrounded, SCP-015-IT reacted with unforeseen violence and was able to kill █ soldiers and wound ██ before being subdued.

Addendum SCP-015-IT-a: During his time undercover in the place SCP-015-IT was found, the agent ███████ came in contact with a member of the Confraternity of Saint George's Knights. In an encounter between the two agents, it was revealed that the Confraternity had captured SCP-015-IT, but it escaped roughly two months before being contained by the Foundation. After receiving this information, the Director of Site Vittoria requested and obtained the CCSG's documents regarding SCP-015-IT. The most relevant passages are shown below.

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