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Item #: SCP-015-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-015-PT must be kept in a 150 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm compartment in the safe object containment section, located at Site PT7. The crystal present in SCP-015-PT must be stored separately, in a small containment compartment, padded inside and vacuum sealed, in order to avoid damage to the crystal and contact with impurities from the environment. SCP-015-PT should be accessed only with direct authorization from Dr. Armando Ferraz Nogueira.

Every two days the object must be maintained, which involves removing the accumulation of dust between the parts, checking whether any component is suffering from oxidation and changing the water in which the crystal present in SCP-015-PT is submerged. Every seven days the crystal that makes up SCP-015-PT must be cleaned using a damp cloth and a common neutral detergent.

The files retrieved from the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal on studies of electromagnetism and thaumaturgy and their military applications can be found in the Bibliographic and Documentary Archive of Site PT7, located in Administrative Block 07-B, and can only be accessed with the prior permission of Dr. Ferraz or the collection supervisor, Gustavo Lindbergh Torres.


Diagram of SCP-015-PT, Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal, 1974.

Description: SCP-015-PT is the prototype of a portable multi-stage electromagnetic cannon developed by the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal. The object itself follows the basic concepts of other current electromagnetic cannons, however it has considerable anomalous modifications and thaumaturgy was used to maximize the destructive potentials of SCP-015-PT.

The object is composed of three parts, with its entire structure being made of graphene, which allows the object to have a mass of only 13 Kg. The first part, the cannon barrel, is composed of seven electromagnets, which magnetize copper coils which are positioned around an aluminum "rail" at the base of the barrel. This "rail" is a plate by which the loaded projectile is guided through the barrel of the cannon when the projectile is fired. Unlike current electromagnetic weapons, SCP-015-PT does not require a battery compartment, as the object's energy is supplied by a crystal1.

The second part of the object is the compartment for insertion of ferromagnetic projectiles. The compartment itself is similar to that of common portable electromagnetic cannons, however, while current models support projectiles up to 100mm, SCP-015-PT carries 350mm projectiles. An aluminum plate separates the projectile compartment from the barrel. When pressing the gun trigger the plate moves and the projectile is fired.

The third part of the object is a small compartment located below the projectile compartment. In this part is found the aforementioned crystal. In addition to the crystal, the compartment is filled with water with a salinity of 15%. The understanding of this component is limited, but it is certain that this crystal supplies energy to all other parts of the cannon and that the amount of energy generated varies according to the salinity of the water and the physical properties of the individual handling the object.

Tests suggest that projectiles fired by SCP-015-PT can reach speeds of around 3000 m/s, having approximately 1 megajoule of energy applied to the projectile, depending on the individual handling the object. The destruction caused by the impact of projectiles fired by SCP-015-PT is similar to that of a V-2 ballistic missile, with the difference that the damage is localized. Therefore, instead of causing an explosion, the projectile pierces the target.2.

The aforementioned crystal is made up of three different elements. 27% of its composition comes from calcite crystal, 13% from gallium crystal, and the rest from an unidentified mineral. The three were polished and liquefied separately, being later solidified together by unknown means. When removed from SCP-015-PT, the crystal no longer exhibits anomalous effects, while the cannon becomes non-functional, even with the introduction of a new energy source. It is not known how the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal was able to carry out tests with the crystal separated from the cannon.

With the Fundation's current knowledge of thaumaturgy, the most accepted theory of this object is that it is capable of transforming an individual's Elan Vital Energy (EVE) into concentrated electrical energy, without generating Aspect Radiation, so that instead of removing the individual's EVE, this energy is replicated and then transformed into an electrical current within the crystal itself. According to the researchers in charge of studying this object, to fully understand how the crystal works, it is necessary to know exactly how it was produced and what it is composed of.

Documents retrieved suggest that the use of thaumaturgy in this object refers to the knowledge of the first Jesuit priests to set foot on Brazilian soil. Studies are being carried out to obtain more information about the crystal, however much has been confirmed thanks to the files attached below. Members of the GoI-2391 (Second Company of Christ3) refuse to exchange any information with the Foundation. Negotiations are ongoing4.

Notes: "This data may not seen surprising, but it is worth noting that the most modern portable electromagnetic cannons cannot go through more than 30 cm of concrete. The damage caused by SCP-015-PT is similar to that of large stationary cannons or ballistic missiles, in such a way, the mobility and speed of handling this object make it superior to any technology of this type we know.

Another important point to note is the energy consumption, the biggest electromagnetic weapons need about 25 megawatts of energy, in other words, a huge supply of some kind which is probably not possible to move. Meanwhile SCP-015-PT uses only one crystal less than 10 cm high and a few drops of water with salt.

The use of the object in combat is being analyzed, as we still need to learn how to recreate this technology and maybe even integrate it with other objects we have available, but, assuming we can use it, we could try to equalize the damage cause by SCP-015-PT, so that the hole left in objects is cylindrical, which means we could use the object as a quick, safe and inexpensive means of invading structures."

— Dr. Ferraz

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