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SCP-016-IT within its case.

Item #: SCP-016-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not subject to testing, SCP-016-IT must be stored in a glass case inside Storage Unit 42 of Site Vulcano. Any further testing must be approved by Dr. Montorsi.

Description: SCP-016-IT has an identical appearance to a blank DVD used for burning, and is devoid of any type of writing that identifies the brand or model. It was found together with its transparent rigid plastic case; on the back of the case, attached with tape, is a piece of paper with the words "Write and play :)" written on it.

When SCP-016-IT is inserted into any device with a DVD player (for example a computer), the object will not be recognized by the device, which will not acknowledge the presence of the DVD. After several tests, researchers found that is anything is written on the surface of SCP-016-IT before inserting it into a device, it will be recognized and executed as a normal DVD.

Now the meaning of the note on the back of the case is clear. - Dr. Montorsi

The resulting program, hereafter referred to as SCP-016-IT-01, will change depending on the writing on SCP-016-IT, but will always be a video game with the same title as what is written on the DVD (for more information see Addendum 02). Removing SCP-016-IT from the reader causes SCP-016-IT-01 to stop and the device will return to the initial screen. Furthermore, the writing on SCP-016-IT will have disappeared.

Attempts to create a physical copy of SCP-016-IT, both with and without writing, will always result in the creation of a blank DVD, without any anomalous properties. The same applies to any and all digital copies of SCP-016-IT-01, which will be executable files that, when started, will not produce any results.

Researchers also attempted to understand how the writing on SCP-016-IT disappears, using a transparent external DVD player. At a first observation the writing seems to disappear during the initial phase of the disk rotation. Looking at the scene in slow motion, the letters can be observed to fade with each turn, assuming the background color of the DVD within a few seconds of starting the process. Attempts with indelible ink have not produced appreciable results.

Addendum 01: Notes on the recovery of SCP-016-IT.

SCP-016-IT was recovered by the SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" during the exploration of the ████████ headquarters, a small independent videogame house that disappeared a few months after its creation.

The mission was undertaken as, just before the disappearance, the company advertised a revolutionary video game that would soon be launched on the market. The disappearances that followed these declarations made the infiltrated agents in the sector suspicious, who suggested to carry out an investigation.

Investigations in the offices of the company revealed that all the employees had mysteriously disappeared. The president's office a particularly sophisticated safe was discovered, of the model usually utilized in high security vaults. After several hours of work Foundation experts managed to force it, finding only SCP-016-IT inside, which was recovered for research purposes.

Following the inspection, the Foundation's technicians, using the company's communication channels, communicated the failure of the videogame house for economic reasons. Further investigations are underway.

Addendum 02: In the following tests "Title" refers to the words written on SCP-016-IT.

Addendum 03:
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