SCP-016-PT. (Cognitoinfectious image censored)

Item #: SCP-016-PT

Threat Level: White Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-016-PT must be kept in a room located at Site PT5, where only personnel with clearance level 4 can access. SCP-016-PT must only be used for testing, such tests cannot include D-Class personnel at risk of the Foundation and its personnel.

Test subjects must go through a battery of questions to confirm which problem will be solved by SCP-016-PT, if confirmed harmless to the public and to the Foundation, it may proceed normally.

Description: SCP-016-PT is a goblet made of gold, having details on its stem and bowl, one of which is an image that has a cognitoinfectious effect, a red cross surrounded by a white circle that when observed by a sentient being will cause the release of serotonin in their brain, causing strong euphoria, soon after causing great thirst in the observer, thirst which is not necessarily linked to SCP-016-PT as, if there is a drink near the observer, they will drink with no recession.

SCP-016-PT has a bluish colored liquid of unknown composition that is anomalously replenished. Upon being consumed, it will cause the consumer to have a dream with SCP-016-PT-1 once they enter the REM state.

SCP-016-PT-1 is described as an orb of light, approximately the size of a basketball, that will float in front of the consumer. After a period of 10 seconds, SCP-016-PT-1 will proceed to ascend and then disappear, from which point the consumer will wake up. Usually, the consumer will say that they are feeling better both physically and psychologically.

If there is an overuse of SCP-016-PT, it will reduce its efficiency in solving the consumer's problem, this is shown in the color of the liquid that goes from blue to black. This effect restarts within a month.

After a battery of tests, it was confirmed that SCP-016-PT has the ability to alter reality to complete the resolution of a problem; usually this only happens when the liquid of SCP-016-PT is in a bluish or black color.

Discovery: On 16/08/18, SCP-016-PT was found in a cave located in the state of Tocantins, Brazil, at coordinates [REDACTED].

SCP-016-PT was on a kind of altar carved in marble with engravings in a language similar to Latin. Said room does not have any other extranormal feature.

It is strictly prohibited to use SCP-016-PT to solve personal problems, disobeying this order will result in discipline and/or temporary leave.


Request made by Dr. Álvares to change the Threat Level of SCP-016-PT to (● Black):

Request status:

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