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Item #: SCP-017-CS

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-017-CS is stored in Site-██. The object itself does not require special containment procedures.

Description: The object is a square area with an area of ​​██ m2 and surrounded by 4 m high concrete walls, equipped with barbed wire. This space can be accessed through a steel gate, which serves as a single entrance. There is also a large rectangular mirror on the inside of the wall, which cannot be damaged or contaminated by available means.

SCP-017-CS does not show anomalous properties until a person causes psychological or physical harm to another person inside of SCP-017-CS. Otherwise, the anomalous properties of SCP-017-CS activate and trap the offender inside. Other people may leave at any time, as the door appears to them visually and physically as open. For "criminals", the door is closed and they cannot pass through.

The offender is imprisoned inside for a period commensurate with his offense. They will also feel the pain they would have caused to their victims (see Addendum D-017-A). The pain is fully reflected from the victim towards the attacker, and the victim feels nothing. If the attacker uses mental abuse, their mind will be affected, and the victim will feel the same.

Addendum D-017-A

All experiments were carried out without the victims being informed. The attacker was instructed and the victim had to obey his orders, both of whom were given an amnestics to allow the test to be repeated.

Records of the effects testing SCP-017-CS:

Test I:

Objective: Test subject A (the attacker) strikes the right arm of the test subject B (the "victim") with a fist with appropriate force.

Result: Immediately after striking, the attacker experienced severe pain in his right shoulder, with a large bruise on it.

The attacker is not able to leave the area for 72 hours.

Test II:

Objective: The attacker tries to smash the victim's head against the wall.

Result: After the victim's first blow to the wall, the attacker immediately falls unconscious to the ground. After examination, a large fracture of the skull is revealed. The subject remains unconscious for 18 hours with skull bleeding and fracture treated.

The attacker is not able to leave the area for 296 hours.

Test III:

Objective: The attacker attempts to stab the victim with a knife.

Result: The attacker dies due to liver damage, stomach and internal bleeding, despite immediate medical assistance.

We should have told him where to stab so he wouldn't die immediately. - Dr. Novak ████

The attacker's body can leave the area freely.

Test IV:

Objective: The attacker attempts to rape the victim.


The attacker is still trapped in space.

Note: The time of arresting the attacker is close to ███ hours.

In the following tests, forms of mental abuse are chosen, with emotionally weaker individuals being chosen as victims.

Test V:

Objective: The attacker will simply "scold" the victim.

Result: After a while, the attacker stops verbal aggression and begins to feel anxious and fearful. The victim does not remember the attacker talking to her despite seeing him.

The attacker cannot leave the area for ██ hours.

Test VI:
Objective: The attacker will threaten the victim with a weapon in his hand.

Result: After ██ seconds of psychological pressure, the attacker stopped and became very frightened. The victim feels fine and shows no negative emotional change.

The attacker cannot leave the space for ███ hours.

Test VII:

Objective: The attacker tries to convince himself that he killed her loved ones by using photomontage and fake recording.

Result: After the victim is convinced that the attacker is telling the truth, he suddenly begins to feel normal and does not remember the conversation. The attacker feels despair, fear and hopelessness.

The attacker cannot leave the room for ███ hours.

Test VIII:

Objective: To make the victim nervous breakdown.

Result: The attacker collapsed mentally. The victim is fine.


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