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Item #: SCP-017-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-017-IT must be constantly connected to a PC equipped with a USB 3.0 port and with an operating system capable of executing software for reading .txt files. liquids, magnetic objects or any object capable of damaging electronic equipment are to be kept away from SCP-017-IT's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-017-IT is a USB pendrive produced by ████████ and natively possessed 16GB of storage capacity.
It contains a file named log.txt and an unknown number of folders and files of various kinds; all the files are accessible without particular problems, in read-only mode. Attempts to delete or modify files are impossible, causing error messages concerning cycle redundancy to arise. Instead, the insertion of new files is possible, but once successfully inserted these will have the same behavior as the files already present.

SCP-017-IT will catalog any new files according to its personal criteria (see addendum 017-IT-1); any new file will also result in the automatic creation of new text in the log.txt file, which explains the reasons for cataloging choices.

As of 28/01/2016 the log.txt file has reached 7GB in dimension and is progressively enlarging.

Addendum IT-017-1

Test 017-A

Three files in .jpg format have been copied to SCP-017-IT, in the main folder; a photo of a cat, a photo of a dog, and a photo of a female model. The files were automatically moved to three separate "cats", "dogs" and "women" folders. The log.txt file is automatically updated with the addition of the following text line:

Dogs and cats don't get along very well, better keep them separate. This model is beautiful!

Test 017-B:

In the main folder, a .jpg file with a photo of a ball of wool was inserted. The file is automatically moved to the "cats" folder. The log.txt file reports this addition:

Finally, Felix has something to play with! Do you have a bone for Fido? Thank you.

Test 017-C:

The fido.jpg file is moved from the "dogs" folder to the "cats" folder.
The file is automatically moved back to the "dogs" folder; the "cats" folder is now empty, except for the file depicting the ball of wool previously inserted. The log.txt file reports this addition:

Was so much malice needed? If you want to communicate, you already know how to do it.

Test 017-D:

A .txt file with a single line of text is inserted in the root folder.
"Sorry for the cats."
The log.txt file reports this addition:

I accept your apologies. But no more cats, please. I love it and I can't stand to lose it again. I would appreciate other women!

Test 017-E:

Two .jpg files are inserted in the main folder, one depicting the actress Cameron Diaz and one depicting the actor Leonardo Di Caprio.
The two files are automatically inserted in a folder named "love" The log.txt file reports this addition:

These two seem to be made for each other!

Note: 9 months after test 017-E, the "love" folder is automatically renamed "Di Caprio residence" and contains, in addition to the two images of the experiment, a third .jpg image depicting a newborn; the log.txt file also has the following addition:

The miracle which is life is something beyond my comprehension.

Further experiments will have to be agreed upon with Dr. Robin; in the meantime, personnel assigned to SCP-017-IT are authorized to consult the log.txt file and to consent to its requests.

Addendum 017-B:

Dr. ████████: SCP-017-IT seems to possess a profound amount of knowledge of the outside world; evaluating the possibility of uploading SCP files still under study, in order to obtain a "consultancy".

Addendum 017-C:

As of 28/01/2016, the log.txt file presents this update:

I am beginning to realize that my storage space will not last forever. Megabyte after megabyte, the time for formatting time is approaching.

SCP-017-IT presented 122 MB of free space at the time.

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