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Item #: SCP-017-JP

Object Class: Euclid


The gesture used when playing SCP-017-JP

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-017-JP's nature, containment is enacted with the aim of preventing knowledge of SCP-017-JP from spreading. Foundation webcrawlers are actively searching for and removing information on SCP-017-JP from the internet. All civilians residing in or known to have resided in ████████████ District, ██████ Prefecture1 have been administered preventive Class-C amnestics, and are to be administered Class-B amnestics if the need arises. Currently, 99.9% of the target population has been processed, and the remaining 0.1% is currently being identified and processed. Items bet in experiments involving SCP-017-JP are to be no larger than 10 cm on a side.

Description: SCP-017-JP is an anomalous hand gesture used in the game of rock-paper-scissors2 in and around ████████████ District, ██████ Prefecture. People participating in games of rock-paper-scissors in which SCP-017-JP is used become instances of SCP-017-JP-1, and become aware of the name of SCP-017-JP and how to use it by an unknown mechanism. SCP-017-JP-1 are invariably capable of quickly forming the gesture used to play SCP-017-JP despite its complexity. These effects can be completely removed with the application of Class-C amnestics.

Standard rock-paper-scissors consists of three gestures, "rock", "paper", and "scissors". SCP-017-JP is known as "nah", "nan", or "nam" and is an additional gesture to the standard three.

SCP-017-JP's usage consists of the following.

  1. If there was only one player who played SCP-017-JP, that player wins
  2. If there were two or more players who played SCP-017-JP, all players who played SCP-017-JP lose
  3. SCP-017-JP takes precedence over the standard gestures when deciding the outcome

The above rules cause winning with SCP-017-JP to be increasingly difficult as the number of players who are aware of SCP-017-JP increases. Thus, SCP-017-JP-1 are inclined to play SCP-017-JP in games with more players who do not know of its existence, thereby increasing the spread of SCP-017-JP. Of note is that if all participants in the game use SCP-017-JP, then all participants lose in accordance to rule 2, and any items bet on the outcome of the game are lost or transferred to an unknown location (henceforth known as an SCP-017-JP-Transferral event). SCP-017-JP-Transferral events are currently under investigation. For further information, please refer to the experiment logs below.

Addendum 1: 1976/██/██: Researcher Tomioka's proposal for an "exploration of outer space to determine the endpoint of SCP-017-JP-Transferral events" was rejected due to being infeasible.

Addendum 2: 1977/██/██: Calculations based on the beacon's position have determined that objects involved in SCP-017-JP-Transferral events take on an orbit similar to short-period comets and eventually collide with Earth or pass through a point extremely close to Earth. Due to this, containment procedures have been revised to specify that all experiments with SCP-017-JP may not involve items larger than 10 cm on a side. The items transferred in previous experiments are estimated to reach their apogee in approximately 40 years.

Addendum 3: 2018/██/██: The items involved in Experiment Logs 017-JP-3~5 approached their apogee near the Earth. The following image was taken from the Earth's surface.

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