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Item #: SCP-018-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-018-IT is kept inside aviary 3 of Site Cerere. Due to the pulse produced by SCP-018-IT, it is not possible to use cameras and sensors to monitor it; for that reason, personnel must check the aviary at least four times a day.

SCP-018-IT can cause significant damage to electric equipment. As such, it is advised not to bring any within a 15 meters radius of aviary 3.

Description: SCP-018-IT is a barn owl (Tyto alba) characterized by the ability to generate an electromagnetic field of variable intensity from an organ placed between the brain and the frontal skull bone. At this time the way this organ operates is not well understood: it is believed to act as a capacitor, accumulating energy on two chassis armors not in contact with each other1. In normal conditions, the field generated by SCP-018-IT temporarily interferes with electrical equipment within a 7 meters radius and has an intensity of approximately 0,015 tesla.

If agitated, SCP-018-IT can produce a high-intensity pulse (over 2500 tesla) using the facial disc as an antenna to direct it in a specific direction. Electrical equipments placed within 20 meters are disabled permanently while living organisms experience damage to the heart and to the nervous system; the effects of the pulse vary according to the dimensions of the target and its distance from SCP-018-IT. For humans and animals with a weight above one kilogram they include headaches, muscle spasms and, at a distance of less than a meter, loss of consciousness, hallucinations and cardiac arrhythmias. For small animals (body weight of less than a kilogram), the release of the pulse at a close distance can cause damage to the pacemaker cells of the heart, complete cardiac arrest and brain shock with permanent damages to motor and sensory functions.

Recovery Log SCP-018-IT: SCP-018-IT was identified when an agent was sent to investigate repeated problems to electric equipment in the town of █████ and the surrounding areas. The agent noticed that the streetlights stopped working when a large bird flew over them and that they turned back on when it moved away. Following observations revealed that SCP-018-IT used the light of the streetlights to spot preys from afar and used its pulse to turn them off and approach undetected. Such behaviour was replicated as a defence during the capture operations.

Captain ███████’s proposal: I believe that SCP-018-IT could be a great asset to the Foundation: if properly trained we could use it to deactivate alarm systems and cameras before an infiltration operation, or to block fleeing vehicles and stun potential threats from a safe distance. As such I request that SCP-018-IT gets trained for usage during missions.

Response from Dr.████, director of Site Cerere: Permission not granted. We do not possess enough information about SCP-018-IT to risk losing it during a mission. However, a project with the goal of getting SCP-018-IT to reproduce will soon commence. In the event that the brood presents the same anomalies as the parent, the proposal will be reconsidered again.

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