Item n#: SCP-018-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-018-PT is kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site PT20. Security cameras or any type of photographic device must not be installed in the chamber or carried by nearby personnel, except during experiments. Due to the object's disability, all communication occurring during testing must be made in writing until the object is versed in Brazilian Sign Language.

Tests with SCP-018-PT must be done with an interval of at least 1 week, so that the object remains cooperative.

Description: SCP-018-PT is a Caucasian male of approximately 25 years of age, 1.75 meters tall and weighing 90 kilograms. SCP-018-PT has deafness and aphonia, but is able to clearly understand writing (in Portuguese, English, and ████████) and learn Brazilian Sign Language. When SCP-018-PT has its body photographed or filmed (on tape or digital) by any type of camera or recorder so that its body occupies >= 15% of the frame, it will be transferred into the recording1 indefinitely or until it is transferred out against its will. During the process, SCP-018-PT is transferred to a perfect replica of the scene (including any object, food, or living thing) that was captured within the margins of the recording. By doing so, SCP-018-PT can be observed by spectators, but communication does not appear to be possible.

While it keeps itself in static photographic recordings, SCP-018-PT keeps its metabolism in an inert state (not needing to eat or sleep) and can interact with any object present in the scene, however these, when displace, behave as if present in an absolute vacuum. When in filmed recordings, objects and people behave the way they were filmed, repeating and restarting the recorded ‘routine’ after it ends; SCP-018-PT has free will regardless of what was originally recorded. Recorded people do not suffer the effects of SCP-018-PT and their recorded ‘replicas’ do not interact with the entity outside of their ‘programming’. Any modification made by SCP-018-PT to the recording where it is kept will be reverted after 15-20 minutes (for photographs) or after a reset (for footage).

When SCP-018-PT transfers itself out of the recording, the entity appears in any unobstructed location near the media it left, disappearing completely from the recording. Recordings (except for degradation) go into a quasi-instant self-repair process if any kind of damage has been suffered. Natural degradation never deteriorates more than 50% of the media.

SCP-018-PT was found by Foundation personnel on 12/05/2017 in a safe anomalous items warehouse. The individual claims to have arrived at the site after moving out of an anomalous photo stored since 03/05/2011 (now discarded). After interviews and reference research, it is supposed that SCP-018-PT has remained in the photograph since 19█8.

Communications with SCP-018-PT revealed that the entity was once able to communicate vocally before its retention in the recording, however it claims to have lost or forgotten its vocal abilities; it is suspected that this effect is psychological. It should be noted that the entity also appears to suffer great discomfort when using its abilities; supposedly, this is also as a result of psychological traumas and not a side effect of its anomalous abilities.

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