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Photo of subjects infected by SCP-018-VN and their vehicles.

Item #: SCP-018-VN

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-018-VN’s anomalous properties, a signalling chip and a small container bearing 20 grams TNT explosives (which can be remotely detonated) are to be attached to every two-wheeled traffic vehicle with an engine in Vietnam. This procedure should be applied to both vehicles currently in use and newly-imported vehicles.

To this date, SCP-018-VN has infected more than 74% of all subjects who possess a two-wheeled traffic vehicle with an engine. The Foundation has sent a formal warning to the Vietnamese government in order to halt SCP-018-VN’s infection from spreading to other nations through land borders, sea borders or exportation of products.

Foundation personnel embedded in authorities responsible for customs, national defense or traffic, as well as companies with vehicle importation and repairing activities are to follow said procedures. Simultaneously, they are to detect and report early warning signs to the Foundation in case SCP-018-VN shows the tendency to spread into neighboring nations.

Activities of various media and social organizations have been interfered by Foundation forces so as to push for further changes in women’s dressing habits, as well as their choice of traffic vehicles, to harness the further spread of SCP-018-VN.

Description: SCP-018-VN is a conditionally memetic mental repressing effect. Its targets are women between 15 and 75 years old, who own at least one two-wheeled traffic vehicle with an engine and frequently participate in conventional road traffic. When infected by SCP-018-VN through unknown means, said subjects will start to dress in the following common motifs when travelling with their vehicles:

  • Facial: Wearing sunglasses and face masks. Wearing motorbike helmets (wide-brimmed hats may present in some cases).
  • Body: Wearing 02 - 05 layers of clothing covering their entire body, with patterns proven to easily distract their “prey”.

Infected subjects’ physical, mental or memory capacity are generally not affected. Outside from normal practices when participating in road traffic, infected subjects tend to perform the following actions in order to destroy as many other vehicles as possible, causing increasingly dangerous risks proportional to the amount of time they have been infected:

  • Suddenly increasing/decreasing their vehicles’ speed, with the largest recorded difference in speed exceeding 100 km per hour.
  • Turning on one side light, but proceeding to take a turn in the opposite direction.
  • Suddenly blocking roads or occupying lanes in which other vehicles are travelling, regardless of the other vehicles’ size or privilege status.
  • Colliding into other vehicles/persons/objects with unimaginable speed.

Said actions usually lead to unrecoverable injuries or death for both the subjects and their victims. During interviews, surviving infected subjects always disregard purposefully having conducted said actions or having been held hostages by any force. They usually simply express that they had been travelling “properly”, and the resulting events from being infected by SCP-018-VN were because of “bad luck”, “an accident” or the victim’s fault. These subjects are subsequently administered amnestics to remove their knowledge of the Foundation. Amnestics have been proven to be ineffective in removing or harnessing the effect of SCP-018-VN.

SCP-018-VN was initially discovered by the Foundation on ██/██/2000, when a report on Ho Chi Minh City’s current transportation situation came into the attention of Agent █████ ████ █████, who was embedded as a civil servant in the Governmental Office. This report mentioned a marginal increase in the statistics of traffic accidents caused by women operating two-wheeled traffic vehicles with engines. A Foundation investigation team was immediately deployed, and after a year, Foundation agents have discovered SCP-018-VN as well as its remarkable signs and conditions of infection. However, SCP-018-VN has already spread to 18 out of 63 Vietnamese provinces up until this point.

Addendum SCP-018-VN-01: After 06 months since SCP-018-VN was discovered, Foundation personnel have recognized that most infected subjects possess vehicles belonging to the ████ and █████ motorbike brands of the manufacturer █████████. Further efforts in infiltrating and investigating this manufacturer have discovered no abnormal activities in the production of these vehicles and other objects. Therefore, a theory was created (and later proven to be correct), in which SCP-018-VN has the tendency to infect subjects who used vehicles from production lines designed for women. This information has assisted the Foundation in blocking the spread of SCP-018-VN across national borders.

Addendum SCP-018-VN-02: After 36 months since its discovery, SCP-018-VN has infected 40% of all female subjects who possess a two-wheeled traffic vehicle with an engine in Vietnam. Recognizing the concerning risk of SCP-018-VN spreading further, as well as the low effectiveness of the current containment procedures, the Foundation has requested for the installment of signalling chips and explosives to all two-wheeled traffic vehicles with engines in this nation. After the following two months, the total infected ratio of SCP-018-VN has reached 45%, with the infection rate being 5 times higher than recorded in the previous census. To resolve the risk of SCP-018-VN’s uncontrollable spread, the Foundation has opted to detonate ██████ infected vehicles; all subsequent loss of human lives and property are accounted for as inevitable. After this incident, all infected vehicles coming into the range of 20 km from the Vietnamese borders with neighboring nations are automatically detonated.

It has been 18 years since we discovered SCP-018-VN, and even until now, harnessing its spread is still the only thing we can do. Therefore, I sincerely advise personnel working in Vietnam to wisely choose your means of transportation, in order not to become victims of this monstrosity.– Dr. ██ ██████.

Since we are currently not aware whether SCP-018-VN spreads from vehicle to vehicle, from human to human, or from a cross-infection between a vehicle and a human, I would like to propose the following resolution. The resolution is to detonate all infected subjects while they are travelling with their vehicles, and to subsequently apply amnestics on a nation-wide range. This will also include creating a cover-up media operation featuring the sudden explosion of vehicles for unknown reasons and the disproportion in the gender of all affected subjects.- O5 ██.

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