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Item #: SCP-019-PT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-019-PT is currently contained in a 25cm high, 90cm long and 90cm wide stainless steel container. The inside of the container is specially equipped to protect the object from external impacts due to the fragility of the item. Due to its anomaly, the container had a lid on its top that only opens through a remote control, which is the only way to remove the object. The user must only activate the control at least two meters away from the item.

It currently resides in the Storage Sector of Site PT5, wing 03, container 27A. The transport of SCP-019-PT should only be carried out in urgent cases or for testing purposes. Only Level 2 or higher personnel can have access to the item.

Description: SCP-019-PT resembles a large white porcelain dish 80 cm in diameter. When a human being is, on average, one meter away from the object, SCP-019-PT materializes food on its surface. Experiments were conducted to understand its anomaly and catalog the results obtained for future analysis. All tests consisted of approximating a single Class-C individual so that they were less than one meter away from the object.

Subject: ██ ██████

  • Results: After the subject approached, SCP-019-PT materialized a large piece of steak. The meat was hot and had, visually, the same features of a common steak, besides being grilled, medium, and with barbecue sauce on and around it. Upon tasting it, the subject commented that it tasted wonderful, the best steak they had ever eaten. They also stated that steak was their favorite food.

Subject: ████████

  • Results: Upon approaching, SCP-019-PT generated a small milk pudding topped with caramel syrup. Similar to Test-01, the food had the same features of a conventional pudding. It was slightly cold, sweet, and solid. According to the subject, it tasted very good and milk pudding was their favorite food.

Subject: ████ ███████

  • Results: Result practically identical to Test-01 and Test-02. The only difference being the fact that SCP-019-PT created a shrimp bobo.

Subject: ██████████

  • Results: After the subject approached, a large pile of bones materialized on SCP-019-PT. An analysis showed that they belonged to a Sus domesticus1 and were in perfect condition, as if the animal had been slaughtered minutes ago. There was no user interaction with the bones.

Subject: ██ ████

  • Results: Upon getting less than a meter away, SCP-019-PT created a pile of human-derived pieces of meat. The material was putrefying, oozing blood and had an extremely strong odor. There were meats from different parts of the body, of which the following can be highlighted: thigh, breast, rib, liver, and heart. The pieces were taken to the laboratory in order to identify their origin, however DNA and blood analyzes did not show results. The subject fled in panic right after seeing the material.

Subject: ███████ ████

  • Results: A small Chinese fortune cookie appeared on SCP-019-PT. Inside it was a paper with the following mesasge: "We hope you enjoyed the food, we made it with great care and specially for each of you. Are we cool yet? <3".

Subject: [REDACTED]

  • Results: [DATA EXPUNGED]

After psychological and psychiatric examinations on the individuals who participated in the experiments, we can deduce that SCP-019-PT [DATA REDACTED].

Due to the results obtained, by order of the administration, all experiments related to SCP-019-PT are terminated for an indefinite period.

Acquisition: SCP-019-PT was found in Brazil in the city of ████████ in 1978. The object was inside an abandoned warehouse. The place was formerly used by a theater that belonged to a magician self-titled █ ████████ ████. Stored posters show that SCP-019-PT was the main item used in magic tricks during his performances. There are suspicions of influence or intervention by the group "Are We Cool Yet?" during the operating period of the theater.

Addendum: The possibility of using SCP-019-PT as a food source was discarded due to its instability and unpredictability.

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