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Unique rescue photo of SCP-019-PT-J. Showing one of the ends of the object.

Item #: SCP-019-PT-J

Object Class: "Safe"

Special Containment Procedures: For the time being, SCP-019-PT-J must always be in the possession of Dr. Anne. It is exclusively up to her to store and maintain the object.

Description: SCP-019-PT-J is a hammer of colossal proportions rescued on an expedition in the northern Atlantic Ocean between 1930 and 1946. In its original form, the handle of the hammer measures approximately 300 meters in length, and its head approximately 75 meters in width. The word "BAN" is embossed on both the handle and the head.

In a peculiar way, SCP-019-PT-J can change its size, maintaining the same length-to-width ratio regardless of its size. It was witnessed that the object not only became the exact size of a conventional hammer but also passed for one, being used then to nail nails on the wall of Dr. Anne's office by her absent-minded secretary. The said secretary was briefly dismissed.[1]

In the tests carried out to unveil the reason and conditions that led SCP-019-PT-J to change in size, the object was subjected to contact by some people in different contexts. In all but one test, SCP-019-PT-J maintained its original size.

The successful experiment consisted of Dr. Anne's direct contact with the hammer handle, causing it to shrink in size instantly and suddenly, reaching the exact measurements of a conventional hammer. Outside the script of the experiment, Dr. Anne handled SCP-019-PT-J normally, assuming it was an object without anomalous properties.

Even after 27 days since the beginning of the tests, the only known way and about our resource capacity, to not only analyze SCP-019-PT-J, but also to contain it, is through contact, either right or even indirect, of the object with Dr. Anne. For this reason, SCP-019-PT-J will be under her care for an indefinite period of time until more relevant and reliable results of experiments on the possible methods of containment of the hammer appear.[2]

[1]: Incident A

[2]: Record #1

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