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Picture of SCP-020-FR taken by Dr. Whitaker. The item is sitting on a plastic sheet that it transmuted into metal (later determined to be chromium)

Item #: SCP-020-FR

Threat Level: Blue

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-020-FR is currently contained in a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm lead-padded safe in Site-Aleph. During testing, authorized personnel must wear two (2) pairs of latex gloves and should under no pretext come in direct contact with SCP-020-FR. There are no particular restrictions regarding transportation of the safe, although it does emit a small amount of alpha radiation due to the interior padding being transmuted into polonium.

During tests, SCP-020-FR must be placed on the marble plate transmuted into red selenium in order to prevent the laboratory bench from being transmuted. Using a liquid on SCP-020-FR without taking proper precautions is strongly depreciated, as liquids have non-negligeable odds of transmuting into a radioactive element.

Class-D personnel having come in contact with SCP-020-FR are to be eliminated after testing.

Description: SCP-020-FR is an irregular fragment of an unknown mineral approximately ten (10) centimeters in width by seven (7) centimeters in length, for a weight of four hundred and fifteen (415) grams. It was extracted on ██/██/████ in the mine of [REDACTED]. All nine (9) workers contaminated by SCP-020-FR were eliminated for preventive reasons and class-B amnestics were administered to survivors as well as emergency service agents who arrived before the MTF. The mine of [REDACTED] was searched, however, no other minerals with similar properties to SCP-020-FR were found. The mine is still active, monitored by the Foundation for any extraction of another fragment of SCP-020-FR.

SCP-020-FR's anomaly resides in the fact that it randomly transmutes matter it comes in contact with. The entirety of objects and biological tissues are transmuted. Although it comes in complete contradiction with the laws of biology, those tissues retain their original function after transmutation. Therefore, living beings which come in contact with the item do not experience any physiological malfunction following transmutation. Their mass may be altered depending on the the element they are transmuted into.
By the time this report is being written, on ██/██/████, this phenomenon remains unexplained. Dr. ████████ has measured that subjects emit radiations spanning across the whole spectrum of radioactivity while being transmuted. He then hypothesised that the transmutation was the result of proton and neutron exchanges caused by various nuclear reactions between atoms belonging to the subject. However, Dr. ████████ has not made hypotheses on why live tissues retain their function. The required time for full transmutation depends on the subject's mass.
Transmutation induced by SCP-020-FR does not alter the state of matter; liquids remain liquids and solids remain solids. Gasses do not appear to be affected. This phenomenon remains unexplained.
SCP-020-FR only transmutes matter into simple chemical bodies, made of one single element.
As of right now, it is still impossible to predict what element the objects/subjects will transmute into.

Broken pieces of SCP-020-FR lose their ability to transmute.

Level-2 personnel are allowed to perform experiments without having to file a request. However, experiments regarding other animals than laboratory mice require written approval from the project's head. Experiments regarding class-D personnel require O5 approval.

See SCP-020-FR Experiment Log.

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