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Item #: SCP-020-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-020-JP is contained within a humanoid containment chamber at Site-8141. The walls of the cell are cushioned and it is furnished with potted plants.

To alleviate stress from being in containment, SCP-020-JP is to be walked to the indoor green space or to the playground for two hours. During this time, it is to be accompanied by one Level 2 employee, and this privilege is to occur once every 3 days.

Level 1 personnel are to clean the chamber and maintain the plants. The danger SCP-020-JP poses is low, but due to its impulsive behavior it could injure itself or staff. Therefore, in its chamber it is to wear a waist harness affixed to the wall. Guards are armed with stun batons to use when absolutely necessary.

Only authorized Level 2 or higher ranked personnel may interact with SCP-020-JP. Any inappropriate behavior that upsets SCP-020-JP will lead to disciplinary action.

For its meals, it is to be given cereals and crushed vegetables three times a day. While feeding, staff are to wear the specified masks made for SCP-020-JP (See Addendum 2).

Description: SCP-020-JP's appearance is similar to a human girl, but in place of its arms it has bird wings. The wings when fully extended span 3 m. As a result from an investigation during initial containment, it is estimated to be around 10 to 12 years old.

The bones of the wings are similar to normal birds. In addition, the wings are flexible and lightweight. Other than the wings, SCP-020-JP suffers from congenital malformations and osteoporosis1. Some internal organs are absent which makes it difficult for SCP-020-JP to digest normal foods. As a result of this condition, the specimen weighs around 20 kg at a height of 1.3 m.

Although some of the chest and arm muscles have appropriately developed, SCP-020-JP is incapable of sufficiently flying. Flapping its wings indoors during a test lead to two leg fractures due to the impact of failing to properly land.

SCP-020-JP's intelligence is comparable to a 4-year-old child. Although there are no abnormalities with its vocal organs or understanding, it has not spoken since it was initially contained. It has been found to understand certain words along with simple sentences. Examples include it being told it is able to go on a walk, the name of meals, and the names of several personnel assigned to it. It learned these things in ██ months since being in containment.

SCP-020-JP was discovered by a group of ████ University students who had come to camp in ████ Mountain, ██ Prefecture, where they were weakened and attacked by crows. The group then sheltered it. Later, it was discovered by an inspection conducted on the ██ Expressway, and the Foundation then became aware of it.

As a result of a DNA test, it was found that the specimen is ██% genticially similar to the Japanese crane (Grus japonensis).

Addendum 1: The following transcript log is an interview taken with one of the individuals that discovered SCP-020-JP when it was first brought to containment.

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: Recorded after initial discovery and transportation of SCP-020-JP to Site-████.

<Recording started (20██/08/24)>

Dr. ████: You are the last one, Mr. ██████. I'm sorry for the long journey here, but continue to maintain your patience.

██████: I'm just a bit tired. Well, I was driving ███… I didn't know the situation at all, but what was it? And that child… Is that child okay?

Dr. ████: Oh, the injury is not as bad as it looks. If anything, malnutrition was more of a problem, but it doesn't matter. We'll take care of it.

██████: What is that kid? I think you guys know. Don't do something terrible.

Dr. ████: I hope you can answer my questions first. We want to know what it is as well, and we are the one's asking you the questions. We'll protect her from any harms way. I asked this question to your friends, but can you tell me everything from the beginning, please?

██████: Fine… Well, we were on our way home from the campground on Mt. █████ during the summer holidays. I think it was about 5pm or 20 minutes from ███ Road? Anyway, when I was jogging for about 30 minutes, I first noticed that there was something going on deep in the forest. About 50m away, there were a lot of crows circling around in the air. I thought there was an animal corpse, but ███ joked that it was a human corpse instead. So we got on the car and went to check it out.

Dr. ████: When you arrived to the scene, that is where she was, fallen to the ground?

██████: Well, yes. At first I thought it was a huge bird, but I could see it had normal legs like a human. Looked dead. Next, I was surprised because it then moved. I swung around to get branches and spears to get rid of the crows. I thought that birds and people were friendly until I approached them. I was terrified. They attacked us heavily.

Dr. ████: Alright. What else was strange that you noticed?

██████: I didn't notice much than what I already was seeing. That child was trembling and crouched into a ball. She raised her face, locked eyes with me. She then suddenly hugged me. I was injured at that time but I was the first to say that I had to help the kid. Maybe a couple of others thought so too.

Dr. ████: Hmm. Interesting. You guys could obviously tell she isn't human. Did you still need help? What about everyone else? Why did you risk yourselves to help it?

██████: I wasn't going to get to the hospital normally. None of us felt sure if we could drive. Anyway, maybe it's human or just a bird but if you don't help when seeing someone weak being attacked, it's nothing but cruel. I'd be less a human being and that child is human to me!

Dr. ████: Um, no, excuse me, she only has human-like behavior. She doesn't look like an ordinary, adorable girl. They don't have bird wings for arms. Why are you so defensive over it?

██████: You are quite a fucking ugly guy. Is there a world that you don't know when you're running? There was for me that day. That type of thinking is bad for that child. I recall the girl in the car clinging to me as we managed to drive away. That's when I realize it is what we have to protect. She is special. You guys better do so too.

Dr. ████: Interesting. Thank you for cooperating. We'll do some more stuff, and you and your friends will be allowed to go home.

██████: Hey, answer my questions now. What is this place? Is this place some sort of research la(noise)

<End of Recording>

Closing Report: "As a result of subsequent experiments, it was confirmed that SCP-020-JP had no special influence over others. The individuals involved in SCP-020-JP's discovery received amnestic treatment and were released." -Dr. ████

Addendum 2: SCP-020-JP became extremely stressed after being within containment for a short time and had refused food from personnel. Further investigation found the specimen had shown emotional attachment and response toward the likeness of initial discoverer Mr. ██████. Agents confirmed that the effect of the Class-B amnestics remained on ██████ unchanged. Class-C amnestics were considered to be used on SCP-020-JP to forget ██████, but due to the possibility of it having valuable information regarding itself before containment it has been denied. Dr. ████ has proposed a solution for SCP-020-JP's cooperation that is pending.

Below is a segment of Dr. ████'s proposal when he was discussing SCP-020-JP with the Site Director.

██████ to assist as SCP-020-JP's caretaker? That may be easy to implement. The Foundation will always spend plenty of money if needed to deal with an SCP. However, that's if there is a cheaper, sufficient method in order for an increase in the budget to be approved. I understand we don't have enough room to have another employee here. It's okay. I suggest we just have the face of ██████ pasted onto a mask. I have made one and found that 020-JP doesn't have the ability to distinguish one from the real ██████. It's low quality but we can make a more improved mask.

Addendum 3: At time of discovery, SCP-020-JP wore a hospital gown and an aluminum alloy annulus on the left foot. The gown were an unchanging polyester/cotton blend and there were no abnormalities. Electromagnetic waves were found to be transmitted from the inside of the annulus, confirming it to be a wireless tag of sorts. Analysis of the electromagnetic waves reveal a string of messages that could not be deciphered due to the message being obscured by heavy interference. The transmitter is welded into the annulus and cannot be removed for further examination. It is being kept within a storage locker inside a faraday cage, cutting off the broadcast. The recipient of the broadcast has not been identified.

The following text was found engraved on the device.

Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory T-003

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