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Item #: SCP-021-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-021-KO is to be kept within a closed room in Site-19. The containment chamber is always equipped with one standard office desk to place the subject, a pencil holder with basic pens, and one standard office chair. The containment room is always locked, and entry is allowed under the supervision of one Level 3 or higher individual. It is strictly prohibited to use the subject to study for more than 5 hours.

Description: SCP-021-KO is a red-colored [REDACTED] hardcover book with a cover size of about three-quarters of that of an A4, and a slightly smaller inner paper. The inner paper is pure white with a saturation of nearly zero, and as a result of component analysis, it was found to be parchment. Even if the inner paper is wet, torn, stained, or discolored, it is always restored to its original state by covering the book. This turned out to be the nature of the book itself, not the nature of the inner paper. The total amount of inner paper is 300 pages, all of which are parchment, so it is pretty thick.

SCP-021-KO is always blank. However, if there is a desire to learn about a specific field, it is filled with knowledge about the field at the same time as the object is unfolded. It was found that when learning was conducted using objects, the learning rate and learning speed increased by about 200% to 500%, and there are slight differences depending on individuals. However, when you close the book after learning, the learner completely forgets some of the knowledge he or she originally knew. What knowledge is forgotten is random, and the range ranged from expertise to social norms and rules of conduct within the Foundation. In addition, it was confirmed that the amount of oblivion increased further as the amount of learning increased. After experiment 021-KO-09, learning to use an object for more than 5 hours was prohibited.

Experiment Log 021-KO-03

Test Date: ██/1/20██

Experiment Procedure: D-021-03 uses SCP-021-KO to learn about criminal psychology for 3 hours. The progress of the experiment is recorded through a camera installed inside the containment chamber. After completing the study, a crime profiler affiliated with the Foundation conducts a test and separately conducts a test to find out what knowledge has been forgotten.

Test Result: D-021-03 acquired a level of knowledge that allowed for a relatively in-depth discussion with the crime analyst who conducted the test. As a result of subsequent tests, it was confirmed that some of the behaviors within the Foundation had been forgotten.

Experiment Log 021-KO-09

Test Date: █/██/20██

Experiment Procedure: Dr. ████ uses SCP-021-KO to learn about quantum physics for 5 hours. The progress of the experiment is recorded through a camera installed inside the containment chamber. Immediately after the test, ask Dr. ████ to explain what he has learned, and conduct a test to see what knowledge he has forgotten.

Test Results: Upon completion of the study, Dr. ████ completely forgot his humanity. Dr. ████ was able to return to work after over two years of resocialization.

Notes: As a result of the test conducted after the completion of the resocialization process, there was no damage to previously known knowledge and knowledge acquired using the subject. In addition, in the field of quantum physics learned using objects, it was confirmed that all related theories and laws published so far have reached a level where they can understand, explain, and prove them. Dr. ████ moved from conventional biology to quantum physics.

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