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Item #: SCP-021-PT

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-021-PT's geographical characteristics it cannot be transported to any of the Foundation's secure facilities. The hydric extension preceding the entrance of its containment zone must be guarded by the Foundation-owned Hydroceanographic Research Ship "Dama das Neves".

The area has been defined as a zone for scientific exploration under the care of a private initiative. Schedules for maintenance and supplies (including human resources) are cited in the attachment to the relevant documentation pertaining to Operation: Antarctica.

The operation of equipment capable of causing structural damage must be performed cautiously; explosive substances, or any material with explosive capacity that is not essential for the maintenance of SCP-021-PT's custody, must be kept stocked outside the object's exclusion zone.

In the event of any recessions, caused by natural phenomena or human influence, that may compromise the object's infrastructure, Protocol Igloo must be enacted, with the scope of building a facade around SCP-021-PT to maintain its structural coverage.

Personnel pertaining to the containment team of SCP-021-PT must avoid partaking, actively or passively, in the performances of SCP-021-PT-1 instances. Visualization by individuals inside the object's interior is strictly prohibited and should be conducted remotely through audiovisual means from previously prepared equipment organized in the locale. Individuals that have been converted permanently are to be considered MIA, and officially recognised as a component of the object.

Instances of SCP-021-PT-1 must be treated cautiously despite any amicable demeanour. No personal connections are to be made except social and cooperative Rapport. Requests by these instances are to be provided at the discretion of the expeditionary council. SCP-021-PT-1s performances must not suffer any type of interference by external agents.

During SCP-021-PT-B events, Protocol Vigil must be enacted; instances of -1 will be extracted from 021-PT and protected until the following valid period for them to conduct performances1; any SCP-021-PT-3 instance must be liquidated on sight.


SCP-021-PT's exterior. Stationed in the Antarctic Ocean.

Description: SCP-021-PT is a maritime iceberg that was adrift towards the coast of the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina. The object's initial sighting2 occurred when it moved through the southernmost lithograph region of Argentina and Uruguay.

Vessels that navigated the Antarctic and Atlantic oceans spotted the object, and related 'strange melodies echoing from within'; the object was secured by the Brazilian Navy, and, shortly after transferred to Foundation custody. SCP-021-PT was towed and anchored in the Antarctic Ocean, and its current stationary state has since been unaltered by oceanic streams.

It is observed that SCP-021-PT has a singular entry point that leads to a glacial lapa cavern. This formation is predominantly horizontal, and possesses a unique room, which is directly connected to the entrance of a type of man-made structure, resembling a structurally-fragmented theatre3. This structure is symmetrical and semicircular, possesses a parterre, loges, three galleries, and is occupied by approximately 170 instances of SCP-021-PT-2.

The totality of the architectural elements, with the exception of those extensively used by SCP-021-PT-1 instances, exhibit signs of freezing and lack of maintenance, with small areas completely ruined due to the exposure; the proscenium, and the parterre are divided by an irregular rupture with ~20 metres in diameter, and ~50 metres in depth4.

Inside this structure, there are currently five5 instances of androgynous humanoid entities, with a distinct lack of nasal and ocular cavities in their facial features, denominated SCP-021-PT-1, currently from A to E.

SCP-021-PT-1 instances are comprised of a vitreous-crystalline material similar to ice. These instances wear clothing that has been adapted to the climatic conditions of the region, which is cognate to their presented functional human physiological capabilities although they do not require the maintenance thereof.

It is noted that SCP-021-PT-1 instances are generally affable6, and are capable of communicating in English, Italian, and French. Their abilities and expertise are varied but normally connected to artistic performances and fields, but have demonstrated knowledge in specific and complex elements of society such as culture, creed, and habits.

SCP-021-PT-2 appear to be comprised of the same substance as SCP-021-PT-1. These instances are present, in a state of stasis that seems to be suspended only during programmed performances, about the area designated as SCP-021-PT's auditorium. It is noted that SCP-021-PT-2 instances are drest in styles cognate to the region in which SCP-021-PT was sighted thereabout before its containment.

SCP-021-PT-3 appear to be comprised of the same substance as its -1 and -2 counterparts. These instances exhibit extremely aggressive, openly hostile, behaviour towards SCP-021-PT-1 instances, during which, SCP-021-PT-3 instances will continuously vocalize unintelligible sounds ranging from 80dB to 150dB.

SCP-021-PT-3 instances move lethargically and erratically, as if suffering epileptic convulsions, they possess an extraordinary capability of plasticity, often altering their physical structures as a means to increase mobility, and cause harm; notably, their mandible appears to be detachable, and has been observed widening at angles of 90º.

Whilst extremely adaptable, SCP-021-PT-3 instances possess weak physical resistance although they are capable of remaining active even with the deficiency of crucial appendages such as their head or thorax; when damaged or destroyed, these instances exsanguinate a viscous crystalline substance that, when in contact to damaged appendages from -3 instances, will regenerate these organs or try to fuse them in new constructs or amalgamations.

SCP-021-PT-1 are invariably psychophysically conditioned to perform, compulsorily, in three sessions — diurnal (8:30 GMT), vespertine (17:30 GMT), and nocturnal (22:30 GMT) — with variable duration and content7 sporadically through the week. At the end of each presentation, an Event SCP-021-PT A or B will occur depending on the quality of the artistic performance, which is judged by SCP-021-PT-2 instances.

Type A Events: Occur when at least two thirds or more of the instances present in the audience demonstrate positive qualitative satisfaction towards the executed performance;

Type B Events: Occur when at least two thirds or more of the instances present in the audience demonstrate negative qualitative satisfaction towards the performance executed. In these events, SCP-021-PT-3 instances will continuously manifest from within the area encompassed by the rupture separating the areas of the stage and the parterre until the moment of the next session.

The element of satisfaction, properly said, is arbitrary and measured by the intensity of the ovation performed by -2 instances, which may be demonstrated by expressing euphoria through applause, producing sounds through unknown means, gifting bouquets and/or written messages with variable content to the artists. Similar reactions but with negative connotations and denotations will be produced during type B events.

Any human individuals present in the stage or in the auditory actively or passively interacting with the performance will undergo a transfiguration process; human tissue will be transmuted into the vitreous substance that comprises SCP-021-PT-1 instances; during this conversion, the individual will suffer from acute pain, usually leading to a state of syncope. Although interruptible if the individual is immediately removed from the vicinity, it is, otherwise, irreversible.

Addendum: Letter recovered from the belongings of a previously deceased instance of SCP-021-PT-1.

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