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A picture of SCP-022-KO taken directly before Experiment 022-KO-01.

Item #: SCP-022-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Under normal circumstances, SCP-022-KO is stored in a small containment locker 022-KO-a. SCP-022-KO does not require further containment procedures unless it is in contact with an entity with intelligence1 Under no circumstance should SCP-022-KO used in experiments involving documents. Moving or lifting the containment of SCP-022-KO for other experiments can be done so under the approval of two Level 3 Personnel.

Description: SCP-022-KO is an anomalous magnifying glass approximately 8 centimetres long. Except for the lens, it is made with brass. Wave-like patterns are carved onto both ends of the handle. Its focal length is 5 centimetres.

The anomalous property of SCP-022-KO manifests in two different methods. This is only shown when an intelligent entity uses SCP-022-KO to observe other objects.

When an intelligent entity tries to observe an object or organism, the observer sees it as a document on the closest flat surface. The format and manifestation of the document is dependent on the circumstances in which SCP-022-KO is used. Also, it generally prefers to project the documents on paper closest to the subject. However, if no paper is present within a 2-metre radius, the document might appear written on nearby surfaces such as walls, tables, or floors, or stored in electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones. The document only contains information that the observer knows. Conventional methods may remove the texts. For instance, water can be used to erase texts written on the wall, and electrically stored documents can be edited and deleted.

When an intelligent observer tries to read text records such as reports, magazines, books, or subtitles of videos, the object or entity that the text describes appears within 10 metres of the observer. If the text contains spacial information such as a location or region, the observer instantly teleports to said location. If one uses SCP-022-KO on a text describing non-existent objects, the user experiences headaches and difficulty breathing, then decomposes into molecular particles over a long time. It is impossible to recover and restore the scattered particles. This is presumably caused by SCP-022-KO's inability to construct the object's concept conveyed by the document physically. After the discovery of this trait, all experiments using SCP-022-KO on text have been banned.

How SCP-022-KO moves objects or living organisms is yet to be explained.

Addendum: Experiment log 022-KO

Experiment log 022-KO-3 ██/██/20██

Subject: Mobile phone of Agent ███
Process: Under the agent's consent, the cell phone is handed to D-78237 and observed using SCP-022-KO.
Result: A cell phone manual, missing three pages, is portrayed on all walls of the testing room. Said manual is confirmed to contain parts of the instructions for using the same model as agent ███'s cell phone. The missing parts are confirmed to be what D-78237 doesn't know, such as some phone functions and the date of manufacture.

Experiment log 022-KO-14 - ██/██/20██

Subject: Wrapping paper of a chocolate bar, made by ███ Inc.
Procedures: The unwrapped bar is moved into a vessel in Dr. ███'s office. D-78237 is given the empty wrapping paper and instructed to read the brand name and nutritional value using SCP-022-KO.
Result: An unwrapped chocolate bar from ███ Inc. is found in D-78237's pocket. D-78237 is confirmed not to have bought or owned said product. The bar in Dr. ███'s office has also disappeared. Dr. ███ claims to not have eaten the product.

Experiment log 022-KO-29 - ██/██/20██

Subject: High school ethics textbook(███ et al., ████, 20██)
Procedure: D-78237 is given the book and instructed to read it using SCP-022-KO.
Result: D-78237 claimed severe headaches and pain in the eye, and was disassembled into small particles for 20 hours. D-78237's whereabouts are currently unknown.
Analysis: SCP-022-KO seems to be able to distinguish abstract and concrete objects. However, due to the two concepts being not clearly different from each other, all experiments of SCP-022-KO involving documents are deemed inadequate.

Experiment log 022-KO-33 - ██/██/20██

Subject: A piece of black paper.
Procedure: D-84128 is given the black paper, and is instructed to set it on fire using SCP-022-KO.
Result: Ignition successful.
Analysis: When SCP-022-KO is used for other purposes besides observation, the glass shows the same function as other magnifying glasses and does not show any anomalies.

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