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Item #: SCP-022-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-022-PT must be patrolled by personnel in the sector who carry GPS signal emitters, uniformed as agents of OSCIP or of the environmental police forces, to deal with the local rural population. The access route to SCP-022-PT must be blocked with the installation of an outpost, camouflaged with the flags of the ecological station and reserve present in the region. Personnel with academic involvement in the area of law should not be allocated to the containment area. Legal authorities in nearby towns must be kept even farther away, increasing by up to two kilometers the site's fencing, and redirected to alternative routes.

Description: SCP-022-PT is an unpaved road with no understood purpose. It is located in Pontal do Paranapanema, and its length is 3.6 kilometers. It is about three to five meters wide and its anomalous properties can only be activated if they are used by prosecutors or practicing lawyers.


Photo 1/2 of SCP-022-1-PT in its night version. Note the absence of its compartment with the manuscript contained in its upper part

After entering SCP-022-PT, regardless of the means of locomotion used, the individual goes through a phenomenon where the day gets dark, and when traveling along the way, they come across SCP-022-1-PT, registered as an inert wooden log fallen to the ground. The words “Guilty” and “Innocent” are carved inside a 10x15 cm concave, present in the middle of its structure. Below “innocent” there is a caricature of a fairy, and below “guilty” something unidentified, similar to a species of scarab containing an old parchment. Subjects also record the loss of eye contact with the entire team outside the trail. Personnel located on the outside of the trail claim not to witness any of the phenomena narrated by the user, but it is possible to maintain visual contact with those who are experiencing the anomalous effects within the route normally.

It is possible to view SCP-022-1-PT at night time, where it appears approximately 1.8 kilometers after the start of the path. This instance does not have a compartment or parchment, which suggests a study to confirm the authenticity of the nocturnal trunk, with the trunk visualized during the preposterous effects experienced by those who use SCP-022-PT.

Some unusual effects suggest that the user should always move on, an increase in episodic paroxysmal anxiety, fear, pupil dilation, excessive sweating and tachycardia were recorded. Upon arriving at SCP-022-1-PT, the subject, after a few minutes, disappears, and in some cases after an average of 24 to 36 hours, returns dead or unconscious by the trunk the following night. Medical forensics during the autopsy reveal that in cases of death, the death is caused by suffocation, and rope marks are identified on the victim's neck. Survivors report having no memory of the missing moment and no sequels were identified.

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