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Item#: 022-VN
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Up until this point, the anomaly is still poorly understood, therefore containment is not yet possible.

Description: SCP-022-VN is a humanoid entity with teleportation abilities, and is possibly a Level-II Type Green.

At the point of documentation, the entity possesses a malformed physical appearance not similar to any individual recorded in the Foundation’s biological database. According to present records, the entity appears to be male and wears a mask covering its face with abnormally high Hume readings.

In an unknown room in the hustle-bustle city of Shenzhen, China, at an unknown moment in time, two of the most powerful individuals on Earth are sitting face-to-face. In fact, “sitting” is not exactly the right description – they could better be described as “being tied”. Writhing from the strings, they try to open their mouths to ask why they suddenly have to be there when they were still sipping a sizzling hot cup of coffee by their working desks only a few minutes ago. But they do not have to wait for long before hearing footsteps coming from a corner of the room. “Oh sorry, I seem to have forgotten it, let me un-tape you first.” As he speaks, the man pulls out the sticky tape with bruce force from both of their mouths.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you locking us here? What kind of place is this?…”, a shower of questions are raised.

“Shut up,” the man slams on the table. “Your questions are unimportant, or at least, not to my liking.”

The man pulls the chair towards him, and sits in front of the two confused men. “Oh, you guys actually felt scared? My apologies, I'm just joking. For compensation, let me answer the first question then. How to put it, have you two ever seen a madman revealing their own identity when trying to kidnap people? That’s why I’m wearing a mask here."

“If you know who we are, then you know the risk of trying to abduct us, right? Imma give you a proper period of time then, maximum is 20 minutes, and there’s gonna be several heavy arm guards surrounding this room, or even this building, and possibly this whole damn area. Extorting or even killing us ain’t changing anything, so you better go straight to the point.”

“My my, I like the way you do business, mister. Alright, would you two mind telling each other who you are again? I know that both of you knew each other before but we need something to ease off the tension around here.”, the man waved his hand as he spoke.

The two sigh while giving out their name. "Adam Fletch, O5-1 of the SCP Foundation. John Locke, also O5-1 of the SCP Foundation."

“Nice, let us get to the point, can you two beat each other up?”

“What?”, both O5s exclaimed.

“No no, I don't mean you two fight right here or in some cage fight like in MMA. Beat each other up on a much larger scale.”

“Why do we have to listen to a madman like you? This is bullshit.”, Adam said. “Furthermore, the SCP Foundation doesn't have that much time to wage war on others like that.”, John replied.

“How can I put it, I know I’m unable to threaten you with words, then allow me to demonstrate. If you two don’t… oh wait, your Foundations don’t give out a fight, then I’ll destroy both of them, starting from a Site from each of yours.”

The two O5 laugh as they start teasing toward each other: “I know a Type Green is able to teleport and kidnap us and all kinds of stuff but I have no idea this one is also high on drugs.” Adam spoke to the man: “Okay my good friend, just try to blow John’s Site away for me please, quite appreciated if you know what I mean.”

“Alright, you asked for it”, the man clapped his hands slightly twice. “You two gentlemen might not have noticed anything yet, mainly because of this capture thing, but when you come back home, better listen to your assistant’s report.”

“Yeah yeah, cool picnic trip, could you bring us back please?”

“Of course, I also don’t have time to take care of two grown men for the whole week. Let me check, it's been a great 15 minutes, you can go back now. Still, remember what I had told you. If you want to find me, just hold each other’s hands in some random diner. I’ll know when you two meet, so don’t worry too much. Remember, hold the other’s hand tight, or I won’t come.”

The two O5s immediately appear back at their facility, in a sudden way, just like how they just disappeared for 5 seconds that nobody seems to notice. Then, at the same time, their assistant at the two sites rush in the office in a frantic manner. Both inform the same news, which does mean something no good. “Sir, our Site-35 has been attacked, oh, excuse me for using the wrong word, I mean it was wiped out without any warning sign. No response, no request for backup or a call from Site-35, it just simply vanished on our facility dossier.”

Item#: 022-VN
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the extremely dangerous nature of SCP-022-VN, all attempts to oppose the opposite Foundation have to come to a stop.

Description: SCP-022-VN is a Class VI Apotheosis humanoid entity. It possesses the ability to manipulate reality in a one-direction binary exponents1. Until now, the Foundation has not been able to identify any other abnormalities of the entity.

At the time of documentation, the Foundation is unable to identify the true form of SCP-022-VN, as the entity is constantly changing its form of appearance after each encounter, and usually takes the form of a famous actor or person.

Addendum: The Foundations’ first interaction with this entity was on 31/07/2023 at both Sites-01 of each Foundation facility. At the time, SCP-022-VN took the form of a middle aged man wearing a mask, which matched the description made by O5-1. The entity then waved at a security camera, before trying to initiate a conversation with a guard and inquiring about the location of O5-1. The security team in the outer area was ordered to attack the entity using rifles. Though there were approximately 30 security personnel constantly firing at SCP-022-VN, the entity was still able to dodge all bullets and suffered no injuries. Further investigation showed that SCP-022-VN was dodging while doing the Macarena dance at a professional level. The entity continuously repeated this activity for the next 2 weeks.

Due to the Foundation not being able to control the entity’s ability or give out a reasonable method of capture, the O5 Council has decided to follow the request of SCP-022-VN concerning the two O5-1s.

Adam: I came like you asked. Presumably one of your Sites has also got blown away like he said, huh?

John:Yeah, unfortunately that psycho was right. So damn nerve-wrecking.

Adam: If that nut-case actually wants to kill me or you or both of us, he would already have done so. What does he want anyway?

John: God knows. Whatever, we came to this so-called “diner” like he asked. But why did you choose McDonald's? Hamburgers here suck ass.

Adam: No one wants to start a murder at a diner, even for those nut-jobs. By the way, I would be very glad if he tried to wreck this whole place down, like how they always said about their own ice-cream machine. But well, let’s get back to business.

John: But why haven't he showed up yet? Did we skip something?

Adam: I hate myself for doing this. Come on, give me your hand.

John:Uhh, no homo?

<The two O5s hold their hands for approximately 10 minutes, and SCP-022-VN appeared in front of the table.>

SCP-022-VN: Ah nice, you two have finally met. Ohh, you guys are currently having a moment eh? Ok, I’ll give you some time, hold on a second would ya?

<The entity turned away and went to get some food at the counter. SCP-022-VN returned to the table after 3 minutes with a bag of chips in its hands.>

Adam: Let go of my hand please. <Look towards SCP-022-VN> Ha ha, very funny. Now what do you actually want from us? Fame, fortune? Just spill the beans.

SCP-022-VN: <The entity lifted its mask up, revealed its mouth with a big smile.> If I want all of that, I really don’t have to do it this way, you know? Apparently y’all forgot what I said that night, so let me repeat it. <The entity continued speaking while eating.> I want your Foundation to beat each other up. Yeah, that’s about it.

John: Uh huh, so what, can you give us a fair reason?

SCP-022-VN: Let me tell you a story. For extra context, to help out you guys a little. So, well, I created you. Imagine a kid trying to create an ant colony, just to have fun, you know. But I accidentally made 2 of them, as usual, which is damn annoying. You know how hard it is to take care of two ant colonies at the same time? You know how hard it is for me to pay for food and drinks and quite the sweets I have to buy just to keep their bellies filled… oh wait, wrong subject.

Adam: <Make a throat clearing sound.> Quite the villain’s past you got there, did you get it from some C tier movie’s plot?

SCP-022-VN: Hey, at least hear the full stuff, would ya? Anyway, back to the main subject, I made you, but too bad my abilities only allow me to either make or destroy two things at the same time. So, that’s why I want the two of you to kick each other's asses, simply so that only one of you guys can exist, which really helps to reduce bias.

Adam: How much meth did this guy take? Or did SCP-420-VN get leaked out again? <smirk> Then are you able to prove your ability right here, right now?

SCP-022-VN: Pleasantly do. Look at the table.

<The two O5s look down at the table, where two big Macs appear.

John: So you said you are able to make two versions of the SCP Foundation, but why are we so different? For instance, the two of us right here are both O5-1s, but both our backgrounds and personalities are no way the same. If some kind of god or deity actually created us, at least be unbiased and keep us away from the discrepancy, right?

SCP-022-VN: To make things clear, my ability ain't that perfect, all the stuff I made just stop being similar after the definition part. Just take a bite at those Big Macs on the table, one of them is beef, and the other one is chicken. Same goes for both of you. In my mind, you guys just need to be “a cool place to contain other anomalies.” And poof. Two Foundation. About the details, if I didn't think of it, then it doesn't need to go with my will anyway. Back to the main point, fortunately, you two kind of despise each other, isn't it? Well that is just more convenient for me then.

Adam: Those burgers still ain’t enough to prove anything.

SCP-022-VN: Oh no no, I'm not in the mood at the moment, ‘cuz it’s still lunch break. Still, remember the time you taunted me when we first met, Adam? What happened to that Site of yours? Honestly, I just want yours to be blown away, but because of this damn ability, I have to take away John’s precious toy also. Anyways, are you guys thirsty? These fries are so damn good but also make my throat dry as hell, so order me a strawberry milkshake will ya?

<SCP-022-VN talked while waving at a staff.>

John: Then why do we have to fight each other? Technically, if all of what you said were true, then are we anything more than a toy for you?

<Adam continued.>

Adam: Yeah, whenever you feel bored, you can just toss us away. If you like to destroy us whole, just do it, then we gladly won’t have to take care of this damn Earth anymore.

SCP-022-VN: That trick ain’t gonna work on me. I know you humans are even more greedy than how I thought you would be. You always cling to life, even if your fate is pre-designated or not. You always have a reason to keep living. If it is not money or fame, then it is family and friends. All of you have something to fight for, I have made sure of that as it is one of my ideas when creating you in case I get bored afterwards.

<The two O5s are silent, thinking. After a short period of time, it seems like both have understood each other's attention.>

Adam: So what do you propose? Military, or just toss anomalies into each other's faces?

SCP-022-VN: Not really preferring RTS games, gives me a bunch of headaches. Do you know like, reality show on Netflix? I kinda enjoy those.

John: Uhh, so what’s that supposed to mean?

SCP-022-VN: Okay, have you ever heard of “Instant Hotel”, the show where a bunch of people made up a hotel and then grade each other’s? I want you two to do the same thing, extra murderously if you like, and bonus points if there is extra weird stuff. Speaking of which, if you don’t understand, better go home and turn on Netflix to find out.

<The entity disappeared, leaving its bag of fries, which falls to the ground.>

Adam: So, do you believe what he said?

John: Though what he just said is kinda crazy, I can’t rule out the possibility that this could be real. I mean, when both of our Sites just vanished, my personnel had discovered half of the mask he wore on that day.

Adam: Oh right, same thing here. That thing got a Hume level so high that it was so close to Sam Howell at its first stage.

John: The guy could be obsessed with the number two or something, but still, the fact that he is still able to cause a wreckage while talking to us is no joke. What’s on your mind right now?

Adam: The Foundation has caught these maniacs more than a dozen times already. I can die for the cause, but I don’t think people working for and with me are gonna agree to.

John: <Took out a cigarette, lit it up and smoked it.> Anyways, the 6th birthday of Misa, my base coordinator’s kid, is coming soon. I don’t want the kid to lose her damn father that always tries to slack off on the job just to be with her.

Adam: Well then, it’s been quite a while since our last “cooperation”, eh. I’m kinda itching for a job right now.

John: <light smirk> Same thought here, brother.

Item#: 022-VN
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-022-VN, along with its records, are to be contained at the Media Archive Department of the SCP Foundation. Access to the anomaly is granted to personnel only when approved by both SCP Foundations. SCP-022-VN-α and SCP-022-VN-β instances are to be kept strictly confidential and away from the public to avoid unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-022-VN is the designation for a variant of an approximately one-hour episode of the reality TV show Instant Hotel2 that was co-produced by two SCP Foundations. Its content and format share numerous similarities with official Instant Hotel episodes as follow:


SCP-022-VN’s official poster.

  • Participants are separated into two teams A and B, with each team representing a different Foundation.
  • SCP-022-VN-Ω serves as the contest judge. In most situations, SCP-022-VN-Ω's decision must be treated as a prerequisite for deciding the round's winner.
  • Both Teams A and B will spend a night at each other's hotel. On the next day, they will be given a mobile phone to write a review about the hotel. This process is performed three times, each time with a different hotel in a different location for both teams.
  • The total scores to determine the winner will be summed after the final evaluation, rather than daily as in regular Instant Hotel episodes.

SCP-022-VN-α and SCP-022-VN-β are the designations given to a series of hotels with anomalous memetic properties that was created by both SCP Foundation for the production of SCP-022-VN. Currently, due to their unique properties, these areas are used to contain humanoid anomalies or serve as recreational places for staff. During the production of SCP-022-VN, both SCP Foundation have successfully built and owned six facilities.

SCP-022-VN-Ω is a humanoid entity calling itself “The Judge” or “The Creator”, and has the ability to manipulate reality in a one-direction binary exponent. The entity acts as the ultimate decision maker, as well as making changes in the rules or voting mechanisms of the competition.

Addendum.01: SCP-022-VN-α-1 and SCP-022-VN-β-1 reviews (Perfect Hotel for Researchers)

The following document is chronologically recorded during SCP-022-VN by the narrator's voice.




For tired people finding a place to unwind after stressful working hours with anomalies, come to us. Luminous Paradise, an isolated hotel constructed deep inside Site-81, welcomes all travellers who are searching for inner peace and tranquillity. The hotel is surrounded by a magnificent mountainous landscape, allowing visitors to fully embrace Mother Nature's breath at every moment. The nearby pine trees with the lake right opposite the hotel is a perfect combination for those who prefer a slower pace of life. Imagine how serene it is to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the fresh air, relax in a chair sipping a hot cup of tea while reading a book you just bought. The garden behind Luminous Paradise is also large enough for you to host a BBQ with your friends, but be cautious because the hotel is encircled by trees and we can't summon a firefighter team to rescue you.


Dr. Mike Rogers (Site-31)
Building a hotel in the middle of this wilderness seems like a terrific idea for an otherwise urban person like me. I enjoy taking walks in the forest, petting friendly deers, and listening to the sound of birds chirping. It would be the best moment of my life if I could bring my family along. The only thing that could possibly make me uncomfortable is the price, but even so, it is completely worth it. Quite surprised that those nerd scientists at this Foundation are amazingly good at building hotels instead of containment chambers.




Wanna enjoy spending time with your family climbing mountains? Or having the chance to try extreme sports like skydiving and bungee? Or do you simply want to rest and admire the poetic scenery with distant mountains? Then come to Hotel Montaña de Nieve, we have all you need! All you have to do is visit us to experience priceless moments here!


Dr. Jackson Ngo (Site-40)
Worth every second! That's all I can say. If only time could slow down so I could take in the soothing sea breeze like this before returning to my strenuous duties.

Review from Ω:

Both teams performed very well in the first round. After reading the reviews, I really just wanted to extend my stay. I wanted this round to end in a draw, but since I dislike living so BORINGLY in the forests like Tarzan with just trees and trees around, one point has been awarded to the sea-view team.

Anyways, I know this is a friendly and healthy contest full of fun and laughter for everyone, but don't be so honest like this if you guys want to obtain a higher score. Just like in poker, the winner is the unknown cheater. That’s all, just a little tip, if you have any evil thoughts, keep them to yourselves.

Addendum.02:** SCP-022-VN-α-2 and SCP-022-VN-β-2 reviews (Perfect Hotel for Class-D Personnel)


Class-D personnel was once a unit considered to be the bottom of the anomalous food chain or mere pawns that served the Foundation's greater good. But times have changed, and we cannot just forever cling tightly to the past. Therefore, we, the SCP Foundation, have seriously researched and successfully put together one of the most magnificent buildings ever. Instead of the boring, filthy, and repulsive cells of the last century, we have turned this place into a real second home for these poor people. Holding cells lacking facilities? Now fully equipped from imported beds to pillows with fleece lining. Food trays looking like ranch feeders? Now they can enjoy a dish of steak and sip a glass of wine together while enjoying violin sounds by their ears. With such great quality and treatment, I hope that you would spread your arms and join us in a journey to paradise. Join the D-class force now!

I would like to summarize the whole experience in three words, “loads of bullshit”. D-Class personnel are at the bottom of the society, absolutely true, there's nothing to argue ‘bout it since mostly 80% of the guys in this place are on death row or have committed grievous sins, I'm no exception. BUT how the fuck, I don't even know if I'm in jail or in a 5-star hotel anymore. The people here are serving us like lords and kings. It was refreshing at first, obviously. We're just eating, sleeping, resting, and never have to step one step outside, just like a dream. But fighting, chewing rare beef steak, and drinking wine every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THE WHOLE YEAR, never changes, not even a slight difference, repeating days after days like this is seriously driving me crazy. And I think I'm not the only one that feels like that. They should have treated us like animals for the sins we have committed. They were supposed to send us to hell, not heaven.


Afraid of facing anomalies, so disturbed that you lose sleep each night out of fear that when you wake up, you will face a new horror amongst hundreds, or even thousands of terrors that constantly surround you? Fret not, just come to our specially designed holding cell. Inspired by the ancient Romans, a perfect cell is the one that can forge our morality and strength, a cell that can eliminate the fear deep in our hearts. The SCP Foundation always wants the best life quality for their personnel and you are no exception! And what's better than not being afraid everyday, but instead having a bright smile on your face and a willingness to fully devote yourself to work. Because according to our motto, overcoming fear is overcoming your pain.

I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared
I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared
I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared
i'm not scared anymore

Review from Ω:

First off, congratulations on spectacularly finishing your task. And I am very pleased that you both listened to my suggestion. Oh my, both of you have a very unique hotel of your own. But, I’m very sorry for team A, but you will have to return home later than expected. The idea is very interesting and luxurious, moreover, the interior is perfectly arranged to the very last detail. Team B is also very unique in concept development, but that's not enough – subconsciously modified rooms are only suitable for certain individuals, not for picky customers like me. Therefore, the scores are one to one. I would like to announce that the next round will be the one to decide who wins and gets a ticket to continue to exist on this Earth. To increase the show’s appeal, the next topic will be self-made, both teams will be developing in their own direction, and whichever team surprises me gets to be the winner.

Addendum.03: SCP-022-VN-α-3 and SCP-022-VN-β-3 reviews

SCP-022-VN-α-3 reviews:

Jason Hoàng


The view inside the hotel, kinda trippy as hell.

Weirdest hotel I have ever stayed in. Corridor seemed endless and gloomy with hotel rooms appearing to duplicate. Almost nothing makes sense here. Sometimes strange things pass by me, the sound of cats and dogs echoes somewhere deep down the endless corridor, everything seems to rotate continuously. On one occasion, I opened my bathroom door and saw the front door of another room. However, I experienced no injury or anything negative. Crazy, scary, and very impressive.

SCP-022-VN-β-3 reviews:

Reeds Rowan


A quick selfie before I jump into the mirror and no-clip to the outside :)

I don't really like going to hotels, especially when I can build one by myself, but this place will be the last one I ever visit. Not because it’s bad but I can’t understand anything here. From the moment I walked into the door, the front desk was empty. I rang the bell and no one showed up. I looked for someone and opened the staff door, which took me to the front door, yep, that door at the front of the hotel. I just went like that three or four times before I spotted someone. After getting the room key, I went to the elevator. There were even some floors called pi, square root of 2, and negative 3. Getting to the room was an odd experience as well. The window could see the sky outside from afar, but when you came close to it, it turned into a mirror??? Oh yeah the room key, it was a slotted key that could be attached to an antique swivel hole lock. My bed was pulling and pushing me back and forth when I was lying on it. I don’t know why but I can completely walk through the bathroom mirror, and when I returned to my room, everything was upside down. Depending on your taste, this can be the worst hotel, oddest, or most intriguing one.

Adam: Wait, why have we come back here?

John: I was going to ask you the same question. Or is it because…

SCP-022-VN-Ω: You bastards. That trap is incredibly annoying, I almost won't be able to get out. Bravo to the two of you for actually putting together a strategy to defeat me, but you two simply don't anticipate that I can escape.

Adam: So… what will happen next?

SCP-022-VN-Ω: You two managed to catch me, tried to lock me up in that damn place to rot to death, and now you're asking me this? Death is too kind for the two of you.

John: You forgot an important part.

SCP-022-VN-Ω: What are you saying?

John: You stated at the end of the second round that the team that surprised you would win. Now look at you, nearly pooped your pants, right?

SCP-022-VN-Ω: Tricky bastard. <SCP-022-VN-Ω smacks the table hard.> Alright, I’m a fair guy, so just this time, just this time, I'll pardon. But, as a light punishment, I will- I mean, I have already blown up the last two hotels and cancelled competition results. To be honest, those places are the best. I'll return next time, and I hope that there is only one Foundation left.

<SCP-022-VN-Ω disappears.>

Adam: What just happened? And is it true that he didn't kill us?

John: I think it's true. That guy is insane, but he hasn’t swallowed his words. We're lucky to still be alive.

Adam: <Sighs.> Living day by day is preferable to not existing at all.

John: We are winning, just relax my man.

Adam: What do you mean?

John: Even though he said he pardoned us, my guess is that the limits of his ability prevent him from annihilating us. So his goal is to make us destroy each other. I can't reject or accept that he is our Almighty, but I can guarantee you that his plan does not end here.

Adam: At least we have gradually dispelled distrust on both sides.

John: I hope so.

Adam: So um, that asshole forgot to return us to our Sites. How can we go home now?

<John reaches into his pockets.>

John: Well, how much is left in your wallet?

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