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Object #: SCP-023-CS

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-023-CS is being held in a standard holding cell in the Humanoid Wing of Site-91. The subject is prohibited from using its abilities outside of testing purposes under threat of termination. SCP-023-Ω-CS's containment zone consists of an armored holding cell on the underground floor of Site-91, where the subject is held until it grows to an excessive size and a Gamma-Petrklíč event is required.

Every three months, SCP-023-CS is allowed to make contact with SCP-023-Ω-CS so that a Gamma-Petrklíč event can occur. If a Gamma-Petrklíč event does not occur, the Site Director must be contacted immediately.

Description: SCP-023-CS is a woman of European descent who identifies herself as Simonne Varco. The subject is a very capable telekinetic with ever-increasing potential. If an extended period of time passes since the last Gamma-Petrklíč event, the subject's abilities will reach a point where termination using a standard firearm is infeasible.

SCP-023-Ω-CS designates an entity that is intertwined with SCP-023-CS. This creature is capable of shape-shifting, but most of the time it resembles an amorphous aggregation of black non-reflective substance, or takes the form of various wild animals also composed of this material. All attempts to study this material have been inconclusive, including analysis of chemical composition, stress testing, or reaction with other substances. This entity is not considered sentient.

Similar to SCP-023-CS, SCP-023-Ω-CS's strength steadily increases with time passed since the last Gamma-Petrklíč event. It is not yet known how SCP-023-Ω-CS is able to sense SCP-023-CS, but experiments conducted on both subjects have shown that regardless of attempts to conceal information about the location of both subjects, both SCPs always knew where the other was and, if allowed, sought each other out and attempted to destroy each other.

Gamma-Petrklíč designates the event during which SCP-023-CS is terminated. If such an event occurs and the subject dies, regardless of the manner of death, SCP-023-Ω-CS will fall into a state of unconsciousness and lose all volume it gained while alive. After a period of approximately one week has elapsed, SCP-023-CS will revive again. Since 2007, when the Foundation first became aware of SCP-023-CS, forty-eight Gamma-Petrklíč events have ocurred.

Addendum 023-CS.001: Interview from April 12th, 2007

Addendum 023-CS.002: Dr. Vávra's report

Addendum 023-CS.003: Interview from June 5th, 2007

Addendum 023-CS.004: Incident from June 5th, 2007

Addendum 023-CS.005: Interview from June 12th, 2007

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