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Item #: SCP-023-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-023-FR must be contained at all times in a steel sphere 1 m in diameter maintained in permanent suspension using electromagnets.
Under no circumstances should the sphere come into contact with any other solid or liquid.

The sphere must be maintained in magnetic levitation by two magnetized pedestals installed on the floor and ceiling in a room of 10 m x 5 m x 3 m.

If SCP-023-FR succeeds in escaping from its containment sphere, all personnel must evacuate the site and leave only a medium-sized animal, such as a dog, attached to the steel sphere located on the magnetized base on the floor.
When SCP-023-FR, in search of its prey, attacks the animal, Class B personnel members in charge of the entity must activate the magnetized pedestals in order to set the steel sphere in levitation.

SCP-023-FR is currently contained in the Site-Yod, where it was originally recovered.

Description: SCP-023-FR is an amorphous entity capable of moving only in solids and liquids, adopting the characteristics of the materials it passes through, without increasing the volume of the objects passed through.
SCP-023-FR cannot move from one solid or liquid to another if they are not in direct contact.

SCP-023-FR behaves as a predator, feeding on all types of living beings with enough mass.
The entity surprises its prey by hiding in a solid close to it, usually below it.
When SCP-023-FR attacks, tentacle-like growths emerge from the solid where it is located, grabbing the prey.
During this time, a kind of crack, considered as the "mouth" of the entity, is formed in the environment where it is: once the prey has been seized by the growths, SCP-023-FR inserts it in its "mouth", before closing it, making the solid or the liquid in which it is located return to its initial state, without any modification being noticed.

When SCP-023-FR attacks, its growths and its "mouth" keep the appearance and characteristics of the material in which it is located, however, when the "mouth" closes, even if the material is transparent (glass, water, and so on…), all visual contact with the prey is lost.

The entity absorbs all of its prey 100% of the time.

SCP-023-FR cannot, by its nature, be studied, many attempts have been made to destroy it (see the tests below).

  • Test: Explode the SCP-023-FR container with C4.
  • Result: One of the shards of the sphere containing SCP-023-FR hit the ground, SCP-023-FR was released and attacked the personnel. Recontained three hours later.

Note: It seems that there is no minimum volume to contain SCP-023-FR. On the video, the shard containing it is 3 cm long. Two seconds later, it was in the ground under a doctor and and pushed out 1 m long growths. - Dr. Grym

  • Test: Heat the SCP-023-FR container with blowtorches.
  • Result: The sphere melted, and one of the drops that was supposed to contain the entity crashed to the ground, allowing SCP-023-FR to escape. Recontained two days later.

Note: Seriously, WHO proposed this test after the C4 failed so badly? - Kommissaer Mortarion
Note: Ahem. - Dr. Benji

SCP-023-FR was recovered from the now abandoned town of [DATA EXPUNGED], which now serves as the Site-Yod location. See Addendum-023-01-FR.

Addendum-023-01-FR: SCP-023-FR was identified by a category 113-B report received by the Foundation about walls devouring people in the coastal town of [DATA EXPUNGED], a small port city in Scotland.
Members of the Mobile Task Force Delta-3 ("The Dragons") were sent to attempt to contain or neutralize the threat, supported by Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") to avoid spreading the truth about the entity's existence.

The entity was only trapped thanks to Delta-3's Executive Officer, Commander Blake, who sacrificed himself by serving as bait on the first experimental containment system.

Commander Blake was posthumously awarded the Foundation's Star for Bravery for this achievement.

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