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Item #: SCP-023-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-023-JP’s nature makes full containment difficult. With the cooperation of all Japanese railway companies currently operating, all railway stations must be monitored, and if a passageway to SCP-023-JP is discovered, this containment breach must be reported to the SCP-023-JP supervisor and to MTF I-28 (“Gandy Dancers”). MTF I-28 is to use strong metal nets to fence the area, and then block the passageway to SCP-023-JP by making it look like a construction site to prevent civilians from entering. Surveillance footage must be monitored and any unauthorized entry recorded. In the case anyone returns from SCP-023-JP, they are to be interrogated, then given class-A or B amnestics. SCP-023-JP’s blockade is to be removed once the passageway vanishes.

We’ve prepared cover stories with the railway companies for many mass containment breaches. SCP-023-JP must be neutralized as soon as possible. - Japan Branch Director "██"

Description: SCP-023-JP is an unknown railway line. The operatiing railway company and operating hours are unknown as well. SCP-023-JP interferes without warning on any railway line operating within Japan, opening passageways towards their line through unknown means. Its scale and location do not follow physical law. The building of the passageway has not been observed, surveillance footage showing instant manifestation. The added passage and platform added are disguised as the station it appears on, and cannot be distinguished without knowing the original station’s layout. Similarly, signs and displays on the passageway emulate those of the station. Existing signs are not rewritten, and in some cases contradict each other, so if one is careful, one can notice the existence of SCP-023-JP. The exterior of the station remains unchanged, but the interior has been noted to expand depending on the structures created, with the surrounding space warping accordingly. Which stations are affected by this phenomenon and when do they affect them is completely random and unpredictable. This phenomenon returns to normal from as little as a few minutes to a few hours, to as long as a few months to a few years. Movement within the same station premises has also been confirmed. The longest continuous phenomenon occurs at the ████ station in ██████ prefecture, which has remained active from 19██/██/██ until the present day. The fundamental details behind SCP-023-JP are unknown. The first occurrence was in 18██/██/██, and the group that dealt with it was one of the predecessors of the Japanese branch of the Foundation.

The trains stopping at the platforms of SCP-023-JP are identical to those that run on the station it appears in. It is known that the cars stopping are not part of any known railway company. People who board these trains encounter inexplicable phenomena, such as arriving at stations that do not exist. Eventually, they go missing, or are recovered in wretched shapes. There are reports of trains running through SCP-023-JP driving by the normal station, with all survivors having disembarked in such a way. The resemblance regarding several train-related urban stories with SCP-023-JP indicate there are SCP-023-JP incidents the Foundation is not aware of. For details regarding events after boarding the trains, please refer to the following documents.

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