Item #: SCP-023-PT

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-023-PT-1 object should be presented to the public as an industrial warehouse for a Foundation front company, the ██████ Metallurgy. Three (3) members of MTF PT2-Delta ("The Repeaters") uniformed as employees of the front company must be kept within the structure at all times and replaced in 8-hour shifts. Trucks with loads of materials for refueling the containment of the SCP-███-PT, SCP-███-PT, SCP-███-PT and SCP-███-PT objects must deliver their loads inside the SCP-023-PT-1 object, simulating standard warehouse activity and assisting in the logistics of containing high maintenance objects at Site PT09. Periodic termination of all instances of SCP-023-PT-2 must be done by direct fire from a 100 kilolumen laser when identified. Unauthorized individuals must be prevented from entering by any necessary means; detaining and administration of Class-A amnestics should be carried out on civilians entering the perimeter of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-023-PT is the collective designation of two anomalies. SCP-023-PT-1 is a multi-sport gym located in █████ ████, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, approximately ███ kilometers from Site PT09. Consistent with international sporting regulations, the sports court within the building is 16 meters wide and 27 meters long.

When a body moves towards the center of the object (equivalent to the 'midfield'), its anomalous properties manifest. Bodies trying to approach the center of the anomaly have their mass and volume gradually decreased, reaching half the original volume at 13.5 meters away from the center, a quarter of the original volume at 6.75 meters, an eighth at 3.375 meters, and so on. Bodies regain lost volume and mass by moving in the opposite direction at the same rate. As of writing, the arrival of any of the objects or personnel sent in exploration and research efforts to the center has not been recorded, the minimum relative distance between intruding bodies and the center of the anomaly always remaining constant. Due to the nature of the object, tests and other addenda will measure the distance traveled towards the 'midfield' in steps where applicable. Outside observers do not notice any peculiarity with the space other than the shrinking of bodies approaching the center of the anomaly.

SCP-023-PT-2 is an individual of the Acromyrmex coronatus1 species that does not suffer the effects of the SCP-023-PT-1 anomaly. When an instance of SCP-023-PT-2 is destroyed by any means, it will spontaneously reappear in the center of the SCP-023-PT-1 object after an indefinite period of time. The longest time interval recorded for the reappearance of SCP-023-PT-2 is sixteen (16) days.

The object was discovered after a search for a missing child led to the object. The child, [DATA EXPUNGED], 1█ years old at the time of the incident, was found within the anomaly, having spent [REDACTED] days in the structure, traveling an estimated ████ steps towards 'midfield'. The child in question and the officers involved in the incident were treated with Class-B amnestics by Foundation agents following notification of the case to the command of Site PT09.

██/██/2001: Dr. T█████ sent a request to the O5 council for the use of SCP-023-PT-1 as a warehouse for Site PT09, citing its proximity and effectively unlimited space as justification.

██/██/2001: Dr. T█████'s request accepted. Object reclassified as Thaumiel.

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