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SCP-023-UA. Photographed 04/30/2018.

Item #: SCP-023-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A 150 meter buffer zone has been created around the area, where SCP-023-UA-A exists. Hidden CCTV cameras, which are mounted on trees around the territory with 10 meter intervals, are capable of transmitting an encrypted radio signal to the underground bunker of MTF "Boletus Grandfathers". The bunker is located at 200 meters from SCP-023-UA's edge.

Personnel equipped with respiratory, eye and skin protection should check cameras at least once a week and replace the batteries if necessary. It is believed that the maximum range of SCP-023-UA-A spore’s mass distribution is 150 m from the edge of SCP-023-UA, even during strong winds. At a low concentration of spores in the air, they do not cause negative effects and are considered safe. Air monitoring outside the buffer zone must be carried out 2 times a day, and in windy weather — every hour. The maximum safe and critical spore concentrations in the buffer zone's air are specified in Experimental Log SCP-023-UA-1556. For more information, contact the object's deputy curator.

The buffer zone must be examined for the presence of SCP-023-UA-A fruiting bodies at least three times a week, and the soil for the presence of mycelium of these fungi. The increase of the object should be immediately reported to the curator responsible for it. The appropriateness of additional containment procedures is currently being considered.

Direct unprotected physical contact with SCP-023-UA and the anomalies present in its territory is only permitted to D-Class personnel and only during planned testing.

If unidentified individuals appear in SCP-023-UA's vicinity, three operatives of MTF "Boletus Grandfathers" are to emerge from their hiding place and approach the civilians. They must use a cover story and call themselves foresters or yagers. Operatives must explain to them that there is a dangerous swamp nearby and move civilians at least on 300 meters away from SCP-023-UA. They should be monitored so that they do not further approach the object. On repeated attempts to approach SCP-023-UA, civilians should be detained and interrogated.

Any civilians noticed on SCP-023-UA's territory are to be interrogated and quarantined for further observation. If necessary, relatives and friends are provided with a story about a bite by a dangerous insect or snake. If no further changes are detected within two weeks, the civilian can be released. Class A amnestics may be used if necessary.

Any person, affected by any anomalous entity within SCP-023-UA is to be classified as part of SCP-023-UA, quarantined and monitored.

Description: SCP-023-UA is a 10 hectare marshland located in the Brovary Forest near Kiev, Ukraine, by coordinates [DATA EXPUNGED]. A special species of coral fungus grows on the swamp, similar to the non-anomalous edible Ramaria flava, designated as SCP-023-UA-A. These organisms appear virtually indistinguishable from their non-anomalous counterparts, although the mycelium of all SCP-023-UA-A is assumed to be a single organism. However, SCP-023-UA-A have a distinct cellular structure and chemical composition from other fungi. SCP-023-UA-A's fruiting bodies excrete spores constantly.


SCP-023-UA-A in vivo. Photographed 10/21/2018.

Soil samples analysis showed the absence of these substances in the substrate and mycelium, while their amount in the fruit bodies is approximately 3 grams per 100 grams of the fungus. The raw materials for ethanol and drug substances are formed in the mycelium, and in the fruiting body's synthesis is completing and spores are forming. The cell's cytoplasm contain special organelles that form compounds unusual for fungi.

In winter, during the formation of prolonged snow cover, spore production ceases and SCP-023-UA is deemed safe. Due to climatic changes and warm winters, the risk of spore infection remains even during the cold season.

When a subject's skin or mucous membrane is exposed to the above substances, they quickly enter the bloodstream, causing severe hallucinations and intense agitation. Test subjects, who have been in contact with SCP-023-UA-A spores, have reported extremely vivid sexual fantasies involving mystical beings, plants, and certain objects - some of which are now known as SCP objects, in particular [DATA EXPUNGED]. Hallucinations cease three days after contact with abnormal spores. After amnestics are administered, hallucinations stop earlier. After the cessation of hallucinations, the subjects can be transferred to other objects.

If a person remains on SCP-023-UA's territory for more than half an hour, an anomalous entity (hereinafter SCP-023-UA-B) materializes nearby. During the observation, the following were noted:

  • pink male unicorn with one eye under the horn;
  • naked girl with three breasts and pink hair;
  • bald man with a [DATA EXPUNGED] and a goat's horn instead of genitals;
  • pink flamingo.

All subjects find SCP-023-UA-B extremely sexually attractive and attempt to engage in sexual contact with them immediately. However, the subject's gender and sexual orientation are irrelevant. SCP-023-UA-B is known to be only distantly related to the fantasies of spore-affected subjects. Due to the somewhat non-humanoid structure, size differences, and anatomy of SCP-023-UA-B, sexual intercourse often results in the subject's death. Those who survived undergo psychological and physiological transformation over the next week.

Observed physiological transformations:

  • growth of deer antlers;
  • replacing of skin to tree bark, followed by the germination of branches and leaves;
  • sex change to the opposite;
  • loss of genitals;
  • change of genitals to functionally not identical organs - horns, fingers, head of an unknown bird;
  • skin growths in the form of tinder fungi, less commonly other fungi and SCP-023-UA-A (See Incident SCP-023-UA-A-23).

Usually transformations last no more than a week, accompanied by vivid visions of an erotic nature and inane vocalizations and onomatopoeia. Subjects generally desire to return to SCP-023-UA.

At the beginning of the process, the victim can express his thoughts clearly, but loses this ability closer to the end of mutation. Fully transformed subjects should be submitted for dissection, removal of living samples and further experiments. Request to attempt mating of two mutated D-class test-subjects is pending Ethics Committee approval.

During observation, SCP-023-UA-B materialized only within SCP-023-UA and did not appear during testing with SCP-023-UA-A spores in the laboratory. Further experiments are ongoing.

Note 1:
Upon detection, we classified the object as Safe. However, due to the successful and hardly noticeable containment breaches, as well as attempts by SCP-023-UA-A to expand its area, I propose to reclassify the object as Euclid. – Temporary Site-8U's head, D. Kapitanchenko.

Note 2:
There is no evidence of any known GoIs involved in the creation of SCP-023-UA. But, despite the nature of the anomaly, there is a high risk that it will attract supporters of the "Polish Anomalous Mushroom Picking Association" (see Add023-PZGA-01), Russian "Grotto of Gangrenous God" or other groups.

Civilians who will try to enter the territory of the anomaly should be thoroughly searched for gas masks, protective suits, masks, traces of applying protective creams and other special equipment, which may indicate involvement in PZGA or other GoI. You should act with them according to the situation. – object's curator, Dr S. Motovilenko.

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