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Item #: SCP-024-DE-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containing SCP-024-DE-J is currently (unfortunately) unfeasible. Field agents embedded in all government institutions have to prevent SCP-024-DE-J-VS events from occurring between the states, if necessary by turning off the power.

Foundation personnel identified as being an instance of SCP-024-DE-J are prohibited from carrying Christmas ornaments or light sources during their stay. What these people do in private is up to them, it is their electricity bill…

SCP-024-DE-J instance in Osnabrück, Hellern district1.

Description: SCP-024-DE-J is the designation given to a phenomenon that often starts in late November every year and can occasionally span until February. The anomaly manifests as the inexplicable desire of multiple persons to decorate their own homes with a multitude of Christmas ornaments and particularly lighting systems, beyond what is tolerable in terms of taste.

Apparently, said desire must be fulfilled regardless of own losses, the environment, and the global climate. For this purpose, affected persons build kilometers of fairy lights, glowing Christmas utensils, tons of candles and occasionally a reindeer with a red lamp strapped onto its snout. Due to the widely varying expertise concerning electronics among those affected, fires, short circuits, district-wide power outages, and temporay blindness may occur after turning on, with one unsolved case involving a power plant explosion. However, affected persons are rarely distracted from letting luminous decoration glow, even when the required power begins to melt the cables or neighbors take stand afront the house with pitchforks and torches.

Occasionally, a SCP-024-DE-J-SV event may arise between two SCP-024-DE-J instances, with both specimens attempting to surpass each other with the magnificence of their ornaments and their illuminating power. One party rarely leaves such a contest as winner. An early termination of the contest is more likely, be it through an engagement by code enforcement, disconnecting the power to the city's power plants, different technical difficulties, as outlined above, or angry backlash by other neighbors, involving willful destruction of the infuriating ornaments or extension of the light ornaments by additional usage of varying flammable liquids.

To date, the Foundation has not identified a single vector among those affected, as SCP-024-DE-J can seemingly manifest in every social class, partly affecting whole cities in the process, much to the residents' chagrin, who would like to sleep. Researchers of the Foundation agree, however, that an anomalous cause must be responsible, as, according to them, no one in their right mind would come up with the idea of harming their home in such a terrible way. Research is ongoing.

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