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An instance of locus-024 infested by SCP-024-IT.

Item #: SCP-024-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-024-IT acquired by the Foundation must be contained in a standard size cell at Site Vulcano. The inner part of all surfaces and access doors must contain a metallic mesh made of vanadium-osmium alloy, capable of withstanding direct impacts up to 50 KN1 and whose interlocking and junction spaces should not have apertures larger than 0.5 cm2.

The areas in the immediate vicinity of the containment cell of SCP-024-IT must be monitored by metallic mass detectors; any detection of moving metal masses inside the walls must be considered as a containment breach and the entire area must be evacuated and quarantined. Guards are forbidden from direct intervention except for external patrolling. The resolution of the breach must be entrusted to the SSM-IX "Machinamenta".

Addendum 024-IT-A: All inspectors have been warned to immediately report any uncontained occurrence of SCP-024-IT. If such instances were to generate a locus-024, that area must be immediately quarantined and under no circumstances are civilians to be allowed in its proximity. On-site agents must remain at least 5-10 m from the entrance to the locus-024 and in particular be careful not to get trapped inside of it. Such an eventuality and the subsequent securing of the instance of locus-024 and acquisition of the responsible instances of SCP-024-IT must be entrusted to the SSM-IX only.

Description: SCP-024-IT is the collective definition of ██ steel rebars for reinforced concrete, with a 2.1 m average length and 0.7 m standard deviation, previously used for building construction and therefore not of new manufacture.

On the surface, there is the presence, in places, of stains that upon visual inspection appear to be rust, which are labeled SCP-024-IT-M. Spectrographic analyses have however revealed that the chemical composition of these stains is that of unorganized agglomerates of human hemoglobin. If removed, these stains tend to reform over a few hours in a random position, with a still unknown process.


Detail of 2 neutralized SCP-024-IT instances, spurt out violently from a wall during an attack.

The instances of SCP-#-IT are capable of autonomous serpentine movement. SCP-024-IT uses this property to move on its own accord. The purpose of these movements is twofold: infiltrate within the walls of residential structures, or attack any human being within range. Since SCP-024-IT is capable of generating over 40 KN of power concentrated on the tip on those occasions, it is deemed impossible for a human being to withstand an attack of SCP-024-IT.

Addendum 024-IT-B: Single instances of SCP-024-IT are able to change non-anomalous steel rebars into new SCP-024-IT instances; evidence confirms the involvement in the process of SCP-024-IT-M and the necessity for direct contact.

Incident 024-IT-1 | Recovery Log: The first instances of SCP-024-IT were found on 201█-07-11 in ██████, in the province of Benevento, Campania, Italy. The circumstances in which the SCP-024-IT instances were acquired by the Foundation, with relative addenda, are in the transcript below.

Materials of Interest: In the following the materials found on Mr. Moretti's body after retrieval from ℒ1.

Update 024-IT-03:

Update 024-IT-04:

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