SCP-024-PTfA at a size of 5.7 nanometers of length.

Item #: SCP-024-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known samples in original state as well as morphed subjects are currently in containment. All SCP-024-PT-fA samples must be stored in a laboratory with Type 4 Bio-hazard containment measures and be considered as of Object Class: Keter. All specimens of SCP-024-PT-fB were shown to have behavior and needs similar to that of a normal human, therefore, the protocol must be followed in accordance with the Foundation's standard individual humanoid containment procedure and with Type 4 Bio-Hazard containment measures, being considered as of Object Class: Euclid. The use of HAZMAT suits is mandatory in case of direct contact, regardless of whether with form A or form B specimens. All Personal Protective Equipment must be incinerated after contact with SCP-024-PT.

The area of the village is considered: Free from Contamination. As a precaution, the systematic search for individuals of the SCP-024-PT-fB type continues in the outskirts of the [REDACTED] Village; use of Reduced Profile Protocol in activity. MTF PT79-Theta (“Scrubland's Concolor”) is on standby 24/7 on the outskirts of the village; under Reduced Profile Protocol. The MTF must maintain constant contact with the Foundation; during any failure to follow the contact protocol the MTF must be considered lost.

All specimens of SCP-024-PT must be treated as Memetic Hazards and contained and transported under heavy sedation to Area PT14, or otherwise terminated. Dead SCP-024-PT specimens, regardless of stage of development, should be stored for future research.

The entire team involved in the containment of SCP-024-PT must be unknown to each other, absolutely no further contact should exist between them. Individuals who have some disaffection with each other are preferable. Any Foundation employee who develops some kind of friendship in the containment site must be relocated to another Work Site, therefore a compulsory staff rotation must take place at the end of every 3rd working week. Parasites can only create pleasant memories and a feeling of long-term friendship.

Description: SCP-024-PT is a parasitoid organism of unknown origin, assumed to be extraterrestrial, due to the atypical chemical composition found in the organism. The original appearence of SCP-024-PT is similar to that of the parasite flatworm Taenia solium, henceforth seen as SCP-024-PT-fA. The second form of SCP-024-PT is, practically, any form that is convenient for mixing with humans, as of now seen as SCP-024-PT-fB.

The numerical cataloging of SCP-024-PT in B form is almost impossible, as the multiplication and termination of individuals takes place on a daily basis. There are currently 27 individuals in B form under Foundation custody.

The size of SCP-024-PT can range from 3.7 nanometers up to ███ meters. The parasitology team of Site PT██ has not yet been able to record the organism's development process, but it was found, in an isolated Subject analysis, that the growth is spectacularly fast1. Going agaisnt any biological knowledge about mass gain. During the growth episode, it was identified that SCP-024-PT is aware of being observed, even if remotely, and thus goes through a process of metamorphosis that personifies something or someone that visually pleases all the Subjects that observe it. In the event of termination of an SCP-024-PT-fB specimen, it automatically returns to its primeval state of SCP-024-PT-fA, although it retains the same size as it was in the morphed stated.

SCP-024-PT, according to the Parasitology team, is a type 4 Bio-Hazard threat as it is hermaphrodite and contains between 70,000 and 110,000 eggs in each individual. The type of food remains unknown to the Foundation's research team. The use of HAZMAT suits is only effective in preventing the spread of specimens in the form of microorganisms. No Personal Protective Equipment proved to be effective agaisnt the Memetic Hazard.


SCP-024-PT-fB-13 chatting in a bar of the ████████ Village.

Despite behaving like parasites of the Taeniidae Family, SCP-024-PT is not a parasite in the practical sense of the word, as it does not lodge in the Subject's body. SCP-024-PT establishes a mental connection with all Subjects in its vision range, which probes the minds of all of them, in order to compose an image that pleasures the involved minds. The body obtained through the mental parasitism is so abruptly built that some Subjects described the new form of SCP-024-PT as surreal beings such as “a vain, walking and talking refrigerator” or “an austere talking dog that always wears a tie”.

The metamorphosis process happens only once, but the ability of SCP-024-PT to “infect” the Subjects' minds with false memories makes it a great memetic hazard. Interviews with D-Class personnel who were affected by SCP-024-PT identified a very strong feeling of friendship and contentment among those involved, with Subject D-024-PT/308 describing SCP-024-PT as: “a great longtime friend”. Affected subjects describe a relationship with SCP-024-PT as if they have known them for a long time, given the immense amount of memories implanted in their minds.

First contact: In a containment failure, a sample of SCP-███-PT was stolen and sent to the interior of the state of ███████, in the Hinterland of the Northeast Region of Brazil. The Mobile Task Force in charge of recovering SCP-███-PT went to the ████████ Village, ███████ ██ ███ █████████ municipality, where Operatives of the Group of Interest [DATA REMOVED] and independent mercenaries(unidentified GOI) engaged in combat with a vast arsenal, disputing possession of SCP-███-PT. After a night of fighting, both groups were depleted of forces and the survivors were easily contained by the MTF. The next morning, it was identified by the supervision, which operated the aircraft AC-130 Gunship “Tupã”, that the radio silence was beyond expectations and that the ground MTF was not moving to the rendezvous point. A second MTF group was sent to the village, once again the contact was lost, but with a last message of strange content.

Audio transcript of MTF PT79-Theta (“Scrubland's Concolor”):

Agent Theta-79/13: Approaching target: five by five!


Agent Theta-79/19: In position!

Agent Theta-79/13: OSCAR MIKE, nineteen!

Agent Theta-79/19: Copy, thirteen! Entering the northwest perimeter of the village… last way! What the [EXPLETIVE] is this? What are you doing around these parts, son of a [EXPLETIVE]?! [EXPLETIVE], dude… I haven't seen you in a long time, buddy! …come here… [Audio failure.] ..let's go over there… [Inaudible.] …a… [Audio failures followed by extremely low sounds.] …to kill the…

Tupã: Theta-79/13, what happened to your operative?

Central: Tupã, report!

Tupã: Central, this is Tupã. Something is not right. Ground crew acting casually or not responding.

[End of transmission.]

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