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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: safe
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/dark
Risk Class: #/notice


Satellite imagery of SCP-024-VN.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to geological conditions, SCP-024-VN's containment procedures have been loosened. Live satellite imagery within a 400m radius from the anomaly's center should be sent to The Foundation once every hour. In case the location is discovered, amnestics should be given to witnesses. The Foundation has to remove images of the area on maps and other media. Personnel at Site-51-CN have to monitor tourist groups or individuals approaching SCP-024-VN and control satellite imagery.

Personnel in charge of SCP-024-VN need to study and utilize its properties to restore areas with similar terrain.

SCP-024-VN should be protected from any human activities and hostile Groups Of Interest.

Description: SCP-024-VN is the designation for a 200m radius area located in the Gobi Desert, in the vicinity of Chinese territory. Contrary to the surrounding area, SCP-024-VN has temperate climate, with green prairie and fertile soil. The following objects and organisms can be found on the area's surface:

  • A flock of 3 sheep (Ovis aries)
  • 1 European cattle (Bos taurus)
  • 4 domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus)
  • A stream and SCP-024-VN-1 in the center of the area.

SCP-024-VN-1 is the designation for an ancient apple tree (Malus domestica). Dendrochronological research on SCP-024-VN-1 by examining the wood and xylem inside it has shown neither signs of growth nor anomalous signs of aging.

The stream passing through SCP-024-VN-1 in SCP-024-VN is also anomalous, as the source of water cannot be found, which apparently comes from another dimension another timeline.

SCP-024-VN's climate zone has similar properties to that of Earth's temperate climate zone, dome-shaped, and 10 meters in height at its highest point. The climate outside the radius of the area and the aforementioned altitude are completely normal. Studies have shown that humans and animals can enter the putative invisible dome boundary, but attempts to bring electrical research equipments into the area have been failed.1

Research on the organisms inside SCP-024-VN has shown that flora and fauna within it show no signs of disease, but the aging process is normal (except for SCP-024-VN-1). Organisms within SCP-024-VN have no anomalous properties and can survive normally after being removed from SCP-024-VN. All reality structural readings show no signs of abnormality.

Humans entering the area of SCP-024-VN will also acquire anomalous properties of other creatures (except SCP-024-VN-1), including the absence of disease. Proposals to use SCP-024-VN as a comprehensive treatment site for Foundation personnel and militarize its anomalous properties are under consideration have been rejected.

Addendum: Indirect Research on SCP-024-VN

Form: Indirect
Personnel: Dr. Ziemnia

Type of research Result Statement
Reality scale Normal The anomalous properties did not result from reality distortion
Temporal study All time measuring devices show 0001/01/01, 00:00 AM It is possible that the anomaly is a time period in the past and was reinforced by a protective layer around SCP-024-VN.
Air quality Good Air samples do not contain significant amounts of CO2 or pollutants
Water quality Clean The water can be consumed directly
Fauna Healthy, do not possess anomalous properties Animals within SCP-024-VN age normally, with no evidence of any harmful disease in the area.
Flora Healthy Plant photosynthesis and respiration are normal, plant body is healthy, and nutrient absorption is good
Soil samples Fertile Soil contains lots of nutrients that are beneficial to plants
Geology Mineral-rich ERROR

General Notes: The mild climatic and geological conditions of SCP-024-VN have promoted the growth of local organisms.

Form: In-depth geological research
Personnel: Dr. Ziemnia

In-depth study of the area's strata using computed tomography scan revealed two objects beneath SCP-024-VN-1 resembling mummified animals (with skeletal structure similar to apes). In the middle of the two objects is another close-to-spherical object. Visual observation shows no significant results, in-depth studies are therefore advised.

Notice from O5-2: As can be seen from the above image, it is unnecessary to exert influence on the soil structure inside the anomaly, and protection of this area should be given first priority. All research into the anomaly needs to be ceased, and Site-13-VN's Department of Religious Affairs will take responsible for the protection of SCP-024-VN.

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