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Item #: SCP-025-EL

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the peculiarity of SCP-025-EL, but also due to the extremely large area in which it's found, observation and recording of its sightings has been assigned to Mobile Task force Alpha-7. Frigates escorted by speedboats monitoring the entire Aegean Sea, as far as Malta, should always be in accordance with security protocols so as not to be considered a threat from the object. No more than four ships should approach the object, as they could be fired upon and cause damage and casualties.

Checks on board should be carried out every three months. Staff should be equipped with gas masks to avoid exposure to the fog layer, which causes aggressive behaviour by turning staff against each other. Such incidents should be dealt with using non-lethal methods. The factor causing this behaviour can be dealt with.

Description: The SCP-025-EL is a warship that resembles the destroyer "Velos", one of the remaining ships of the Greek Navy. Although its appearance resembles an old ship that has no place on modern battlefields, its properties show the complete opposite. Its main guns, though small, are capable of hitting even the most armored modern ship, while its torpedoes have a long range with the same penetrating capabilities as its main guns. It's armour, though thin, is capable of withstanding a missile hit, with minor damage being evident, while smaller weapons such as guns and anti-tank launchers have no effect whatsoever.

The first appearance of the SCP-025-EL was on ██/██/2020, in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The event immediately came to the Foundation's attention as the actual ship was tied up in the harbor of the city of █████. At the same time, fishermen spotted the ship sailing ten (10) nautical miles north of Crete. In fact, the fishermen claimed that the ship opened fire on them with its anti-aircraft guns, fortunately with no casualties. Mobile Task Force Alpha-7 was immediately mobilized and rushed to the spot to see what was happening.

Upon arrival, the ship opened fire without any warning. With clever maneuvers, the speedboats approached the ship and climbed aboard. To their surprise, there was no one on board, with a thick layer of fog covering the entire surface of the ship. Further investigation was carried out and showed that some parts of the ship were covered with a strange substance resembling human flesh and crocodile scales.

Foundation biologists also checked the bridge where they discovered that there was no steering wheel or any other navigational instruments, which led them to assume that a living organism or some other anomalous entity was controlling the ship.

The weapon systems were continuously powered without running out of ammunition. The anti-aircraft systems and the secondary armament had bullets made from human teeth. Near them, the Foundation's team found black marks from bodies, which were apparently nowhere to be seen. This phenomenon was repeated when, upon leaving, the team counted three missing operators. A search was immediately conducted, with their bodies not being found. However, the places where they disappeared were found. They were next to the torpedo launchers, which confirmed that the ship was replenishing its ammunition through humans.

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