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Item #: SCP-025-FR

Threat level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-FR is to be contained in a vivarium, measuring 50x50X10m, which must include a trap-door in the ceiling and reinforced entrance. All walls of the vivarium must be soundproof. The containment installation must also include two (2) high-frequency sound emitter, one on each side.

SCP-025-FR must be fed once a day with 10kg of fresh meat- thrown through the trapdoor of installation. Under no circumstance is any agent or researcher allowed to interact directly with SCP-025-FR.

As SCP-025-FR is able to climb to the walls, members of personnel are to activate an approved KX-113-B-type high-frequency sound emitter to localize and attract it for distraction purposes. If the first emitter is out of order, the secondary emitter must be activated to attract SCP-025-FR while the primary is replaced.

In case of containment breach at Site-Yod -where the entity is currently contained- external forces of the Foundation are not to expect any emergency audio messages, and are instead to begin receiving written messages. The absence of emergency audio transmissions is not to be seen as total, site-wide casualty.

Description: SCP-025-FR is believed to be a parent species of the Arthropleura. SCP-025-FR measures five (5) meters long, and possesses the ability to ‘absorb’ sound waves around it; the frequencies it can ‘absorb’ range from 20Hz to more than 50kHz, outside the range of human hearing. SCP-025-FR is also able to emit these sound waves to protect itself when threatened; these waves function similarly to an LRAD at 162dB, and have been shown to stun.

When SCP-025-FR is hunting, it digs tunnels, detecting its target by emitting sound waves similar to echolocation used by Phyllostomidae, otherwise known as the leaf-nosed bat.

Once close to its prey, the entity absorbs all surrounding sounds it and its prey are causing and, within a few milliseconds before attacking, will emit a sound wave that will paralyze the target for a range of two (2) to four (4) seconds.
Once out of its tunnel system, SCP-025-FR will bite its prey with its outer mandibles, injecting botulinum toxin that will paralyze and kill the target by a total stop of cardiac functions, before dragging it into the tunnel network to consume them safely.

SCP-025-FR is highly receptive to every form of high-frequency noise, and is attracted to them. As long as these sources are active, SCP-025-FR will try to find them, ignoring everything else, even potential prey.

The specimen currently in Foundation custody appears to be the only one in existence, though the possibility of more existing is considered to be highly likely by Site-Yod’s research team.

Addendum: SCP-025-FR was found in the Nevada Desert, following an unusual number of calls trying to reach emergency services. After multiple missing persons’ cases, the Foundation dispatched agents and search dogs to find the source. After Foundation dogs found the first set of human remains, Agent Soho used his dog whistle to call them back; the 26kHz frequency attracted SCP-025-FR, which suddenly emerged from the ground, attacking Agent Soho with its sound emissions.

By chance, the whistle used by Agent Soho fell a few meters away after the shock, and SCP-025-FR focused on the lasting frequency just long enough for the Agents to open fire, forcing the entity back underground.

Three days later, MTF Delta-4 "Safari Time!" succeeded in capturing SCP-025-FR, transferring it to Site-Yod for containment and research.

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