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A photo of SCP-025-IT taken inside its containment chamber, note the presence of SCP-025-IT-1 partially absorbed by the pouch.

Item #: SCP-025-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-IT is contained in a standard cell of Site Vesta. In SCP-025-IT's containment cell, there are ██ stuffed animal depicting animals of various types1. Any interaction with SCP-025-IT must be carried out in groups of at least two people and no verbal or physical interaction by individuals is allowed.

Description: SCP-025-IT appears as a stuffed animal depicting a kangaroo, produced by "Caeli™" around 20██, measuring 2,██ m in height and ██ kg in weight. Despite being able to move, interact, and communicate non-verbally, SCP-025-IT is composed solely of standard padding fabric and wadding. SCP-025-IT's baby carrier appears empty; however, the anomaly, if left alone with a human being, will immobilize it and then insert it into it. A few minutes later the subject will emerge from the waist up from the baby carrier, becoming an instance of SCP-025-IT referred to as SCP-025-IT-1.

SCP-025-IT-1 gradually takes on the appearance of SCP-025-IT, but becomes more like a rag reproduction of a kangaroo puppy. Following the complete physical change of SCP-025-IT-1, it will be slowly absorbed by the carrier until it is completely eliminated. After the assimilation, no physical changes were found in the external and internal composition in SCP-025-IT.

SCP-025-IT has a friendly and sometimes childlike attitude when it interacts with several people at once, tending to hug them or invite them to play with its toys. SCP-025-IT appears to be perfectly capable of understanding human verbal and body language, yet it is unable to make any sound. From the tests carried out using alphabet tables it emerged that SCP-025-IT has a moderate knowledge of the Italian vocabulary, but is unable to compose complete sentences. SCP-025-IT, unlike when with humans, tends to be friendly with animals even when only one specimen and SCP-025-IT are left alone.

SCP-025-IT was found after numerous reports of missing children in two T███ C█████ chain stores where SCP-025-IT was displayed. Following the disappearances, records of complaints, cries and voices coming from the belly of SCP-025-IT were reported. Upon the arrival of the team sent to contain SCP-025-IT, the latter received the █ soldiers in the shop, closed for months by police for investigation. SCP-025-IT has never opposed any resistance to the team, except at the time of the withdrawal: SCP-025-IT refused to leave without bringing with it some of the remaining plushes from the store.

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