Item #: SCP-025-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-PT must be kept in the containment chamber 21b of Area PT14. Containment chamber 21b is a cuboid room measuring twenty-five (25) square meters that was built isolated from the main complex of Area PT14, separated by one hundred (100) meters from the facility, and equipped with a dehumidifier system with an average efficiency of 65%. Only one individual is allowed within a fifty (50) meter radius of the containment chamber, with the only exception being during shift changes. A perimeter of fifty (50) centimeter high aluminum poles was set up to demarcate the boundary. In a room adjacent to the containment chamber, one (1) bathtub connected to the Site's water piping is maintained. One (1) Level 2 personnel member must remain immersed in the bathtub at all times, rotating in shifts of thirty (30) minutes. If there has been an attempt to breach containment, the Level 2 agent scheduled for the next shift must retrieve SCP-025-PT and reinstate it to containment before proceeding with their common functions.

Description: SCP-025-PT is a multicolored sunshade. The main pole of the artifact is 2.2 meters long and has a radius of 8 centimeters. The artifact's crown is 85 centimeters in radius. When SCP-025-PT is opened, an anomalous perimeter is formed with the artifact in the center (Denominated SCP-025-PT-α), having an initial radius of 50 centimeters around the rod and expanding at a rate of 5% per minute. An analysis of the area where SCP-025-PT was found suggests that the maximum radius of SCP-025-PT-α is ███ kilometers, but tests to confirm this suspicion were vetoed by the Overwatch Command. Within the SCP-025-PT-α area, atmospheric moisture drops rapidly, stabilizing at 2 g/m³ of water vapor. Animals in the area begin to lose body water after a period of one (1) minute of exposure, a process that leads to death within (20) minutes of exposure, varying according to the volume of the animal in question. Plants experience the same dehydrating effect, starting at three (3) minutes of exposure. Depending on the volume of the plant in question, total dehydration can take up to forty (40) minutes. It is believed that there is an equilibrium point at which the dehydration effect of the SCP-025-PT-α area ceases or slows down, given the noticeable absence of such effects in the area where the artifact was located, but there is evidence of their presence in the past.

If SCP-025-PT is exposed to high humidity1, either by direct contact with liquids or moisture suspended in the air, the artifact will rattle for a period of five (5) minutes, its movements becoming progressively more violent. At the end of this period, SCP-025-PT will teleport, appearing in the hands of an individual the object considers "wet". The individual will then suffer a supernatural compulsion to open the sunshade and activate its anomalous properties. A containment breach2 revealed that the object does not always select the subject with the greatest volume of water adhered to their skin and clothing, which suggests a slight level of randomness in the selector mechanism or some level of sapience.

Discovery: SCP-025-PT was discovered on a routine patrol on the island region of Site PT██, Bahia. The artifact was located in the geographic center of a desertification focus initially cataloged by the Ministry of Environment in 20██. A note was attached to the rod. Below is a transcript of its contents:

Stuck outside and feel a drop on your shoulder?
In the middle of nowhere, not a building in sight, watching the sky get more and more cloudy?
Do you miss the beach but live in Minas?

Never get into such trouble again, the new Protection Barrier Against Precipitation And Other Aquatic InconveniencesTM promises TOTAL deflection of even the most stubborn dihydrogen monoxide molecules! to prepare our loyal customers, Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions Ltda. offers this free sample to a lucky consumer who finds it, long before the official release on [REDACTED]! Contact us at www.[REDACTED].onion to place your order.

Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions: With our black magic, black friday is everyday.
Disclaimer: Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions Ltda. does not take responsibility for possible damage to your property, ecosystem, biome, or biosphere arising from the activation of the supernatural effects of our products.

"Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions" was cataloged as GoI-████ subsequent to the discovery of SCP-025-PT. The Offensive to Enemy Intelligence Operations (O2I2) division of the IT department was employed in the sabotage of cryptocurrency transactions taking place at the electronic address quoted in the note. Research into the nature of GoI-████ is in progress.

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