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SCP-025-TH in it's first form

Item# SCP-025-TH

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-TH has been carefully relocated to a 4 x 3 meter containment chamber within Site-36BM, with one wall consisting of two-sided glass. Behind the glass is an observation room with constant surveillance to ensure that SCP-025-TH remains within the containment chamber. SCP-025-TH must be stored there at all times, and no entry is allowed without necessity. Any access must be carried out by Class-D personnel only.

The lights within the containment chamber must be on 24 hours a day, connected to an emergency power generator capable of lasting up to 50 hours until power can be restored. If an emergency situation arises where the lights in the containment chamber are not functioning normally, there will be cabinets containing spotlights at three points along the corridor leading to SCP-025-TH's room. The spotlight must be immediately activated and aimed at the ceiling to diffuse the light. Class-D personnel involved with SCP-025-TH will be removed from the room to lure SCP-025-TH to them and wait until power is restored.

Description: SCP-025-TH is a manohra mannequin made of an unknown type of wood with a white face and adorned with sparkling ornaments, believed to be associated with the Association of Black Magic Power Users due to traces of unknown witchcraft. However, this is still unclear as it has been determined that SCP-025-TH was not created using sorcery as initially suspected. Despite having no discernible joints, SCP-025-TH can move its limbs slowly through an unknown method. Examination has confirmed that SCP-025-TH is not a living organism.

Under normal circumstances, SCP-025-TH remains in a mannequin state, moving very slowly to the point where it is nearly imperceptible when attempting to observe its motion with the naked eye (unless recorded with a camera and the footage is sped up). At this time, personnel can access or touch the object without danger. However, it is necessary to have sufficient light to keep SCP-025-TH in this state indefinitely without transforming.


SCP-025-TH in it's second form

Whenever SCP-025-TH is not exposed to sufficient light, the object instantly transforms into another form. It appears strikingly more human-like, with the skin on its face peeled off to reveal a raw, red color and lacking eyelids and lip skin. It can also disappear and reappear in other locations using an unknown method. At this point, SCP-025-TH will approach the nearest person and kill them. However, if there is light in the area, SCP-025-TH will not come near or reveal itself.

Whenever SCP-025-TH appears somewhere, there is a jingling sound from the anklet attached to the object. It seems that this anklet was worn by someone else to signal the proximity of SCP-025-TH. To stop SCP-025-TH, simply shine a bright light at it while it is transformed, and it will return to its original mannequin state and be easier to contain.

Appendix: SCP-025-TH was first discovered when it was left at a landfill in ██████████, █████ Province, as if no one wanted it. The first person to find it was an antique collector named ██, who told the Foundation personnel that he saw two people throw a large wooden crate away. Curious, the nearby garbage collectors opened the box and found the mannequin inside, which ██ showed no interest in. Later, ██ returned to work and later discovered that his friend was killed by the "ghost mannequin" (as ██ called it) that was dancing nearby the corpse.

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