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Item #: SCP-025-TH-J

Object Class: Safe (Who the hell marked this as safe? - Dr. Sackler)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-TH-J-1 is stored in a warehouse on site-29a with solid color cloth covering it at all times. No further testing is required. Do not move SCP-025 or remove its cloth.

Description: SCP-025-TH-J-1 is a triangular "Stop for Inspection" sign that is often used by the police department in checkpoints. The object is 1.7 meters tall, weight 18 Kg, have 4 wheels, a siren and a battery like a normal Stop for Inspection sign.

SCP-025-TH-J-1 anomaly will appear when the object is placed on the side of the road, with the messages side facing that's the drivers on the road can see it. When the driver came near SCP-025-TH-J-1 the drivers will immediately stop at the sign for unknown reasons. Then SCP-025-TH-J-2 that is a police wearing a traffic police uniform that doesn't have the same facial structure as before appearing from behind the object using the method which is still unknown.1 SCP-025-TH-J-2 will try to write a ticket for all drivers with the reason that is different all the times, even if the driver didn't break any rules. And what SCP-025-TH-J-2 wrote down will occur with unknown methods. If the driver struggle, SCP-025-TH-J-2 will use handcuffs on the driver's hand and disappear.


Agent ████ has found SCP-025-TH while driving to his work before SCP-025-TH-J-2 shows up

SCP-025-TH-J-2: Driver licenses, please.

Agent ████: (Give driver license) Never knew there was a checkpoint around here too.

SCP-025-TH-J-2: Your license is already expired, sir.

Agent ████: What? I just renew it last year! And this card is new too!

SCP-025-TH-J-2 returns Agent ████ his license, his license was expired for 5 years and is noticeably old.

Agent ████: What the hell is this? Why are you doing this to me?

SCP-025-TH-J-2 doesn't listen and wrote a ticket with fines for Agent ████

Agent ████ get down from his car with displeasure and pushed SCP-025-TH-J-2

SCP-025-TH-J-2: You have shown your aggression towards officers. I will write down more charges.

Agent ████: I'm not guilty. I don't know how did you do it, but give my license back.

SCP-025-TH-J-2: Then I'll have to use force on you.

Suddenly, SCP-025-TH-J-2 uses his handcuff on Agent████. Tying him to his car and disappear.

Agent ████: [EXPLETIVE]


Dr. Sackler found SCP-025-TH while he was driving home on the route that was in the Foundation zones

SCP-025-TH-J-2: Driver licenses, please.

Dr. Sackler: (Looks around) How did you get in this area? This is a restricted area.

SCP-025-TH-J-2: Sir? Driver licenses, please.

Dr. Sackler: You need to answer my question first. How did you get in here?

SCP-025-TH-J-2 didn't say anything and wrote a ticket for him

SCP-025-TH-J-2: You were being non-cooperative towards an officer, doesn't have a side view mirror, doesn't have a license plate and you have an illegal paint job.

Dr. Sackler: Whaaaaaat? My car doesn't… Where is my side view mirror?

Dr. Sackler have stopped talking and gotten down from his car to find out that his side view mirror and his license plate is gone, and his car is now painted in flowers pattern with gaudy colours.

Dr. Sackler: What the hell! What happened to my car!?

Dr. Sackler found out that SCP-025-TH-J-2 have disappeared, leaving the ticket on the front wipers.

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