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Item #: SCP-026-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-026-IT is currently contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site Iride. A 10L water tank is installed in the containment chamber, and human blood1 is pumped into the tank using a special hydraulic system every 12 hours. In the event of a malfunction, which is frequently caused by unexpected blood clotting, the water tank must be replaced by two D-Class2 personnel whenever SCP-026-IT requires nourishment. SCP-026-IT must be in the capsule provided before the D-Class personnel are deployed, and must remain in the capsule until the replacement is completed.

SCP-026-IT's containment chamber is provided with a cylindrical capsule, 1 meter in diameter and 2 meters in height, used to transport SCP-026-IT. This capsule must be used for any transport of SCP-026-IT outside the designated containment chamber. The capsule is equipped with two auxiliary reservoir water tanks each containing 2.5L to supply human blood to SCP-026-IT via intravenous injection continuously. The capsule is designed to allow excessive pressure to disperse along the 2-cm-thick plexiglass on the outer surface. The capsule is also provided with a steel exoskeleton, which serves both as reinforcement to the capsule and as a secondary barrier to protect personnel from SCP-026-IT. The capsule has ventilation systems at the top and bottom. The only entrance into the capsule is at the top.

SCP-026-IT's containment chamber is equipped with a bathtub measuring 1.5m × 1.5m × 2m, and blood diluted in distilled water is always filled to allow the subject to use when nutrition is needed. The walls of the bathtub consist of 5-cm-thick one-sided transparent glass plates. A motion-sensing surveillance camera is installed outside the bathtub to monitor SCP-026-IT's behavior in the bathtub through the glass.

Description: SCP-026-IT is a Slavic female, allegedly of Russian nationality, approximately 30 years of age. Subject's eyes are green and hair is red, standing 1.7 m tall, and weighing 60 kg.3 SCP-026-IT is capable of speaking and acting like a normal human. SCP-026-IT's eyes emit mild green light due to bioluminescence, with the amount of light emitted varying depending on the amount of blood present in SCP-026-IT's body. Furthermore, SCP-026-IT's scalp follicles have a very irregular hair cycle, repeating a period of excessive hair growth followed by intense periods of hair loss that eventually lead to total baldness.

SCP-026-IT consistently displays symptoms of acute radiation syndrome, including: epidermal degeneration and spontaneously presenting burns upon exposure to high doses of radiation, periods of delirium4 and emesis, followed by spontaneous formation of internal bleeding. SCP-026-IT also displays symptoms of radiation sterility, apart from the aforementioned anomalies described above, the entity presented an unusually regular menstrual cycle.

SCP-026-IT cannot consume solid or liquid food and can only obtain nutrients from human blood, preferably intravenously. SCP-026-IT is also capable of absorbing liquids, with a maximum viscosity of two times that of water through its skin due to the subject's cellular structure, which is currently under research. For ease of ingestion, it is recommended to dilute the blood in water to reduce its viscosity and make it 'drinkable' through the skin.

SCP-026-IT's stem cells, in general, are unable to generate healthy cells, which constantly mutate and frequently become non-functional cells. The only way for SCP-026-IT to carry out efficient cell regeneration is through the absorption of nutrients present in the blood. It is hypothesized that SCP-026-IT stem cells have high proliferative capacity, but in the absence of necessary nutrients, they do not appear to be capable of forming healthy cells. Microscopic examination of various tissue samples of SCP-026-IT has shown how such regeneration is capable of generating cells that are not normally regenerable for a human being.

Addendum: All research on SCP-026-IT's properties is presently halted.

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