Item #: SCP-026-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-026-PT must be kept in a special 10x15x5 m room. Entry into the containment room without permission is not allowed as SCP-026-PT manifests with the entry of human beings. Entry of drones does not activate the effects of the entity, thus enabling conversation with SCP-026-PT (See Addendum 026-2).

Description: SCP-026-PT is a human being, approximately 162 cm tall, of brown ethnicity weighing 93 kg. The object appears to be 73 years old, and since their capture there has been no sign of aging or even rejuvenation.

After their capture, it was noted that there were changes in their room, with furniture such as plastic tables of the ████ brand, small wooden benches, beverage crates, a refrigerator, among other furniture items that characterize a bar.

SCP-026-PT has a depressive temper. All photographs made of SCP-026-PT show them crying or looking depressed and always smoking or drinking something, the origin of the drinks and tobacco seen in the room is unknown. In some tests, the test subjects themselves brought bottles of alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.

Addendum 026-1: Two D-Class subjects entered the containment room of SCP-026-PT, in an attempt to dialogue with the object. After 10 minutes, they both created a kind of "stage" in the upper right corner and started to sing a samba by ████ █████. There was an attempt to remove both of them from the room, but the guards ended up joining in too. Experiment aborted.

Addendum 026-2: On ██/██/████, a drone entered the containment room of SCP-026-PT, having a dialogue with them. Dr. ██████, assigned to supervise the test, left his office and entered the containment room without permission. There was an attempt to remove both from there, but it was only successful with the drone, which brought with it a letter written by SCP-026-PT (See Addendum 026-3) and a corrupted recording of the conversation. We were able to recover one of its fragments:

Video starts with highly corrupted image and audio up to 1:33.

Dr. ████ - (Inaudible)…do you know you have anomalous properties SCP-026-PT?

SCP-026-PT - What are "ya" talking about? And (Inaudible) is SCP-026-PT?

Dr. ████ - (Writes down a few things) Why is your temper sad? (Inaudible) family members?

SCP-026-PT - (Moans, it is possible to hear the object drinking something) I-I'll tell you if you come over here…

Dr. ████ - R-Right…(Inaudible)I'm on my way…

(Dr. ████ stands up and proceeds to the containment room of SCP-026-PT)

SCP-026-PT - (SCP-026-PT welcomes Dr. ████) The (Inaudible) brought?

Dr. ████ - Sure, (Inaudible) turn this off (Inaudible)


Addendum 026-3: After an experiment (See Addendum 026-2), we got a letter written by SCP-026-PT. It was crumpled and wet, having some incomprehensible parts:

War, dictatorship, and violence. All this only in my (Incomprehensible). My family died. I was tortured and used as a test subject in experiments that left me on the brink of (Incomprehensible). I became a man without a soul, a nobody. What fills my (Incomprehensible) is alcohol and nicotine. I become another person, another (Incomprehensible), a naive and sober old man.

Over time, when I was freed from the (Incomprehensible), what I thought about people happened to them. Strange, I had lots of ideas about how to use this (Incomprehensible), both for evil and for good, but, honestly, I just want the (Incomprehensible) to leave me alone or become (Incomprehensible) close.

I am slowly dying. Go away. My name is ██████, if that's what you (Incomprehensible) want.

Scribbles and a totally incomprehensible sentence.

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