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Item #: SCP-027-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-027-FR must be confined in a room in which a tree must be planted.

The object must be placed on the tree, and be more than 6 m from the ground and 6 m from the ceiling and walls.

Except for tests, no man-made object shall be present within 6 m of SCP-027-FR.

Any interruption in the noise produced by the object must be signaled.

As to not affect the concentration of personnel, the walls of the containment must be soundproof.

Description: SCP-027-FR is a statuette of singer Rick Astley, measuring 23 cm high, and bearing the inscription "Get rick rolled".

The statuette continuously plays the song Never Gonna Give You Up as sung by the previously mentioned singer.

When a man-made object approaches within 6 m of the statuette, it will be instantly transformed into another object, of which the utility will be the opposite of the original, totally diverted from the previous utility, or will in some way "mock" the initial utility.

The transformation occurs first by a change in the shape of the object, which grows or shrinks according to the final size of the object, followed by a change of color. The whole transformation takes, on average, 2 seconds, with slight increases depending on the volume of the object after transformation.

In the case of objects whose utility or appreciation is subjective, for example, a work of art, SCP-027-FR will transform it into an object that will go against the appreciation or opinion about the initial object of the closest person.

Addendum: SCP-027-FR was visibly designed by the organization Are We Cool Yet?, as indicated by an inscription under the statuette. It was discovered in the Harrods store in London, where it devastated the stocks, transforming many items.

SCP-027-FR was spotted in an inventory locker, due to it turning the clothes of the store's staff invisible as soon as they approached it.

Its recovery and extraction were extremely delicate, given the nature of the object and its location. The Gemini-disinformation procedure Gemini-113-B was set up.

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