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Logo of the SKP

Item #: SCP-028-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Aboveground, SCP-028-DE is disguised as a homeopathic wellness-hotel, which is used as quarters for most of the personnel; the personnel may use the wellness-areas for relaxation and are operated by level 1 personnel. Should civilians try to book a room, they are to be put off with alleged overbooking. The associated grounds are fenced-in and under video surveillance, and there are 2 guard squads on patrol at all times. The driveways are under access control.

The subterranean sectors of SCP-028-DE are fully under video surveillance and are permanently patrolled by 12 guard squads of no less than 8 men, armed with an arsenal reaching from normal assault rifles and flame throwers up to laser-projectors. For a full list of equipment see #028-DE/A3

There are 18 Scranton Reality Anchors on the surface, with various disguise and guarded and under surveillance at all time, in a vertical distance of exactly 747.9 m (seven-hundred forty-seven point nine) from a fixed metering point on the perimeter, and in a distance to each other, correct to a decimeter. These SRA are to be permanently in operation and calibrated to 2 Hm1 ± 0.01 Hm.

Around SCP-028-DE-C in Room ᚠ is a spherical framework with a diameter of 18 m, holding 36 SRA's in as regular distances as possible. On one side the SRA's and the frame are pivoting, to allow access for the equipment from #028-DE/P1.

Should reality-deviation of more than 0.2 Hm be detected on one or more Anchors, all off-duty personnel is to be put into stand-by, the Reaction-Forces have to take up their stations and O42 is to be informed. If the deviation reaches 0.6 Hm, O5 is to be informed and codeword “Heimdall” us to be sent to Site-DE20 with top priority and with normal priority to the facilities on list #028-DE/A1. The Reaction-Forces start preparing protocol “Mjölnir”. Individuals from U-3378-DE (SCP-028-DE-A) that may manifest as of a deviation of 1.1 Hm are to be neutralized by all available means.

Should SCP-028-DE-C open, protocol “Mjölnir” is executed. Should protocol “Mjölnir” be unsuccessful or should the deviation reach 1.8 Hm, Site-DE20 is directed by O4 or O5 to executed protocol “Ragnarök”.

Description: SCP-028-DE is Site-DE3. Site-DE3 is the former headquarter and secret research facility of the wiped out Sonderkommand für Paranormales3, and until the first appearance of SCP-028-DE-A during #028-DE/I1, was mainly used to research the SKP's work and for storage of SCPs not requiring complex Containment Procedures and care. After incident #028/DE-I2 Site-DE3 was classified as SCP-028-DE and all stored SCPs where transferred to other facilities.

SCP-028-DE consists of 106 rooms on 8 levels which are connected by hallways, staircases and lifts. All rooms are marked with a rune of the elder futhark and sometimes a number, according to their kind. The upper levels contain mostly rooms for personnel, training and storage. The mid-levels contain laboratories, offices and workshops, the lower levels contain cells and containment rooms. In the center of the facility is Room ᚠ, a hall reaching above four levels. Both accesses are equipped with armored doors and in the second level above the rooms ground is a control room with observation windows from bullet-proof glass, which leads to the conclusion that Room ᚠ has been used as containment room and/or experimental laboratory, however the SKP has destroyed all records about the purpose of the room as well as the controls before the Foundation took over.

Since incident #028-DE/I2 there is a portal (SCP-028-DE-C) in the middle of Room ᚠ, leading to universe U-3378-DE. Normally the portal is closed by the SRA's around SCP-028-DE.


Open Incident #028-DE/I2

Open Protocol “Mjölnir” [Clearance level 3/028-DE required]

Open protocol “Ragnarök” [Clearance level 4/O4 required]

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