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Item #: SCP-029-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-029-IT is kept in a large area of 100 m2 6 kilometers far from Monte Orsario Nature Reserve, fenced and monitored by three security guards in place disguised as state forest rangers. Currently, both SCP-029-IT-1 and SCP-029-IT-2 are kept in a natural cave in the area. Every month a ton of combustible materials must be sent to the containment area. In case SCP-029-IT-1 happens to be hostile the usage of tranquillizers are allowed.

Description: SCP-029-IT-1 is a caucasic woman standing 1,73 m in height and appearing old and issued; she wears a purple toga and speaks in an archaic latin dialect, possibly spoken in the nearby area during Roman age. SCP-029-IT-1 is always willing to talk if she's not fueling SCP-029-IT-2; during most conversations SCP-029-IT-2 is described as an almighty being, the only one who can save the world from "the cold disease waiting for the silent Fire to rest".

SCP-029-IT-2 is a cluster of brambles, logs and twigs always on fire placed in the middle of the cave. SCP-029-IT-2's fire cannot be extinguished, though its light dims if it's not supplied with sufficient fuel. SCP-029-IT-2 can convert in light energy all the matter it burns with an efficiency of 1.6%, while a normal fire can only convert 0.006% of the burnt mass; in addition, SCP-029-IT-2 cannot burn any material that isn't brought by SCP-029-IT-1: if one insists on fueling SCP-029-IT-2 with it, this will get rejected by an unknown force.

Because of their nature, SCP-029-IT-1 and SCP-029-IT-2 must not be separated, unless the life of SCP-029-IT-1 is in danger.

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