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SCP-030-EL on a cloudy morning.

Item #: SCP-030-EL

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter around SCP-030-EL of at least 2km must be secured, any interaction with the anomaly by unauthorized personnel must be immediately restricted, cancelled, and those involved must be amnestized. SCP-030-EL should also be monitored by patrols in sail or solar-powered boats.

Description: SCP-030-EL is an oil rig located off the coast of ██████████. The object is a reddish-orange color with an unusual amount of rust forming near the bottom of the structure, about 25 meters in length and a diameter of about 30 meters. The underside is covered in large white, flat blocks.

These blocks occasionally emit a form of glowing blue energy which covers the entire lower surface of the object (This is thought to be one of the reasons for the excessive rust).

The interior of the SCP-030-EL is similar to that of a non-anomalous oil rig, except that the object is in an advanced state of oxidation and abandonment. However, some missions inside the anomaly claim that it is possible to find rooms in excellent condition and functioning, but upon return they appear to have reverted to the same condition. Other reports claim that machinery can be heard around the entire anomaly, if these noises are heard and there are attempts at evacuation, noises similar to those of an overflow or drop in depth will be heard.

Any oil-powered ship that comes within a 20 meter radius of SCP-030-EL will have its oil drained over the course of 4 minutes. After this period of time the ship is declared to be contaminated by SCP-030-EL.

Discovery: SCP-030-EL was discovered after multiple reports of stranded ships in the area surrounding the anomaly. But it did not come to the attention of the Foundation until a cargo ship struck the anomaly, causing important economic losses and shortages at different points in ██████████.

The following is an interview with the Captain Theodore Georgiou on the cargo ship affected by SCP-030-EL. He was brought to Site-51 on the pretext that the ship had been discovered on a remote island.


Dr. Rigopoulos: So, Mr. Georgiou, could you tell me exactly what happened to your ship?

Cap. Georgiou: We were carrying a shipment of plastic chairs when Niko exclaimed that we had run out of fuel, it was impossible, we had refueled 4 hours ago.

(Dr. Rigopoulos takes notes)

Dr. Rigopoulos: And did anything happen after that?

Cap. Georgiou: Yes… All of us on the ship heard metal noises and something similar to a loud grinding noise, I could hear it acutely because the whole ship was completely silent when we heard it.

Dr. Rigopoulos: Don't you think it could have been a thief on board trying to rob you?

Cap. Georgiou: No, it's impossible, there were more than 6 people guarding the cargo at the bottom of the ship to make sure it stayed in the containers. No one saw anyone or anything.

Dr. Rigopoulos: And did the noise stop?

Cap. Georgiou: Only after approximately 15 minutes.

Dr. Rigopoulos: I see, did the ship just lose its fuel or anything else?

Cap. Georgiou: Only the fuel I think

Dr. Rigopoulos: Okay, so I think-

Cap. Georgiou: I just remembered that oil rig, yes, that big red one…

Dr. Rigopoulos: What happened?

Cap. Georgiou: Minutes after passing it, we heard the noise.

Dr. Rigopoulos: Understood, thank you very much for your time Captain. Please wait a moment, a colleague will be with you shortly.


Notes: Captain Theodore Georgiou along with all others involved were amnestized accordingly. Future expeditions to SCP-030-EL will be considered.

Addendum 030-EL-1: On 5/7/198█ a small plane overflew the sea ██████ during the course of its journey, until it passed over SCP-030-EL; at which time its fuel was drained. An accident report and distress calls from the pilot are shown below.


Logo of the airline

Flight data
Test N°: AFREK / 1970/05/07
Captain: Dimitri Oikonomopoulos
Pilot: Alexander Makarov
Co-pilot: N/A
Time of take-off: 17:12 PM
Purpose: Testing the current plane conditions
Destination: Turkey, Antalya
Photographic data:


The plane hours before takeoff, note Alexander Makarov standing next to it.

Audio transcript:1


Alexander Makarov: Well, I'm already at a considerable altitude. How's the weather down there?

Cap. Oikonomopoulos: A little cloudy but nothing to worry about, just avoid going on the south side.

(23 minutes pass)

Alexander Makarov: I'm approaching the first checkpoint, I see only a very small town at my 11:00 in the distance.

Cap. Oikonomopoulos: Good, go on, there's still a long way to go

Alexander Makarov: Captain, are you sure you refueled? My fuel gauge is dropping

Cap. Oikonomopoulos: You saw for yourself when we did it

Alexander Makarov: I'll look for a place to land to avoid damage.

Cap. Oikonomopoulos: I recommend you to return

Alexander Makarov: I don't have time to return

(Audio becomes inaudible and static, Makarov can be heard by pulling out a hand-held radio.)

Alexander Makarov: Mayday, Mayday, I am Alexander Makarov, I am at ████.████, I suddenly ran out of fuel and am currently falling into the sea, towards what appears to be an oil installation.

(Interference is heard)

████████: Brought by us, you came here with that precious liquid, and yourself.

Alexander Makarov: What-

(The audio cuts off).


Final notes: The plane was never found, it is believed to have been destroyed in the crash. Alexander Makarov was found weeks later on the coast of ██████, deceased. His body was only recognized after an autopsy, because it was completely covered with what appears to be petroleum. All those involved were amnestized under the cover story of engine failure.

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