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Interior of SCP-030-FR.

Item #: SCP-030-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-030-FR is forbidden to the public under the cover of important works of restoration of the site and safeguard of the cultural heritage. A perimeter of 250 m² is delimited by 2.5 m high palisades around the location of SCP-030-FR; only personnel with a Level 4 clearance are allowed to enter the enclosure of this area. The only entrance door to SCP-030-FR is locked and the key owned by O5-██. Due to the results of the tests conducted so far, no further research on the SCP-030-FR properties is allowed until further notice.

Description: SCP-030-FR is a Catholic church built in the 19th century, located in the region of ████████, Poland. The materials used in its construction do not differ in any way from those used in the construction of places of worship of that time. However, the walls and the floor are partially deteriorated, in contrast to the roof, which was rebuilt several times for collapsing during religious ceremonies, which led to the abandonment of the place in the 20th century. SCP-030-FR includes a balcony, the usual furnishings of any Catholic church, as well as a series of 20 rows of oak benches, on which a total of 40 human-shaped figures are seated (or, more rarely, standing), completely covered by an opaque white cloth, making identification impossible at first sight. On the inside east wall of SCP-030-FR is handwritten the words "Bóg jest martwy" ("God is dead" in Polish) with an unidentified red-ochre material.

When a figure is uncovered by an individual (SCP-030-FR-1) who is themselves physically observed by a third person, the corpse (SCP-030-FR-3) of one of SCP-030-FR-1's living family members will be found, as long as SCP-030-FR-3 is not themselves physically observed by anyone at the time SCP-030-FR-1 uncovers the figure (see Testing Log 030-B)

The relationship linking SCP-030-FR-3 to SCP-030-FR-1 never extended beyond 3 generations of the one to which SCP-030-FR-1 belongs may extend beyond 3 generations, and the deceased family member will always be the genealogically closest (fraternal relationship first, if not kinship) to SCP-030-FR-1.

In the case where a figure is revealed by an individual (SCP-030-FR-2) who is not physically observed by a third person, it is assumed that SCP-030-FR-2 discovers their own corpse, causing their death, although the manner in which SCP-030-FR-3's "dead" body hidden by the veil substitutes for SCP-030-FR-2's "living" body is still misunderstood (see Testing Log 030-C).

The figures resist any attempt to move them, no matter what means are used, and no matter how much force is exerted. As long as the veil that conceals them is not removed, all these attempts will end in failure. Destroying one of them by fire, for example, will reveal the corpse of a new SCP-030-3/ SCP-030-FR-2 instance as soon as the cloth is consumed, and the person who caused the destruction will be subject to the same effects as SCP-030-FR-1 (or SCP-030-FR-2 in case they are not visually protected).

Raising the veil by a robot causes the same effects as if the person controlling the machine raises the veil themselves. Furthermore, if a veil is raised by two or more individuals, it is the youngest of them who will fall victim to the SCP-030-FR effects, thus maximizing the chances that a very close family member will die in the manner already stated.

When the figures located in SCP-030-FR are no longer monitored by a human individual, new ones replace those that have already been revealed, so that their number remains at 39. The means by which these replacements are possible is still unknown. In addition, their location in SCP-030-FR may vary with each reappearance.

Because of the threat to the Foundation posed by SCP-030-FR, its access has been condemned since ██/██/████ and no more testing is allowed (see Testing Log 030-D).

Testing Log - Test A - 10/08/████

Subjects: D-5058 and his brother D-5081, both charged with a triple murder.
Procedure: D-5058 is assigned to raise the tissue covering one of the figures, under Dr. Carter's supervision. Meanwhile, D-5081 is kept in a cell within Site-██, and observed via the camera in his cell by the security personnel.
Results: The corpse of a middle-aged Caucasian male, identified by D-5081 as his father, is uncovered. The subject immediately shows signs of anxiety and becomes hostile, and is subdued by the security guards escorting Dr. Carter.
Analysis: A close relative of the subject can therefore be affected by the effects of SCP-030-FR, regardless of geographic location, provided that they are not held in view by another person when the tissue is raised. Upon inquiry, it appears that the father of the two Class D employees was home alone at the time of testing; a carbon monoxide poisoning cover scenario was set up to account for his death.

Testing Log - Test B - 10/10/████

Subjects: D-5058 and D-5081
Procedure: D-5058 is asked to raise the veil of another figure, under Dr. Carter's supervision. The surveillance camera in D-5081's cell is turned off this time.
Results: The corpse of D-5081 is revealed by D-5058. A quick check proves that the cell occupied by D-5081 a few moments earlier is now empty, despite the fact that it is physically impossible for him to get out and be inside SCP-030-FR. D-5058 becomes hostile again towards Dr. Carter and is terminated by the security officers.
Analysis: It is therefore the closest family member of the subject who is exposed in priority to the effects of SCP-030-FR when the subject is observed; all the other members of their family being however alive and consequently, potential targets.

Testing Log - Test C - 10/24/████

Interviewed: D-8644
Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: D-8644 is a male, Caucasian, 35 years old, with a sister, D-9675, both charged with armed robbery and recidivism. D-9675's presence in her cell at Site-██ is confirmed, then the camera is turned off. D-8644 is asked to enter SCP-030-FR alone and reveal a figure. The SCP-030-FR entrance door is closed behind him. The conversation continues via microphone.

Dr. ██████: D-8644, did you successfully enter SCP-030-FR?

D-8644: Yes. Is it…uh…is it normal that there's people dressed in white sitting in the pews?

Dr. ██████: This is quite normal. Please approach one of these figures and lift the tissue that covers it.

D-8644: But… Why are they standing there like that? Who are these guys? Is this a joke? Is this a hidden camera?

Dr. ██████: We have removed all the cameras from the building and no one is watching you now. That's why I need you to remove a veil and describe to me what it was hiding.

D-8644: You've got to be kidding me… And… Am I dreaming or are there 3 in the background watching me?

Dr. ██████: No one is watching you. Now, reveal a figure, please.

(It is supposed at this moment that D-8644 makes fall the veil which covered one of the corpses)

D-8644: HOLY SHIT! This is… ME?

Dr. ██████: D-8644? Describe immediately whatever is in front of you.

D-8644: But… I can no longer s…

Dr. ██████: D-8644 ? Please answer!

(D-8644 does not give any more sign of life from this moment)

Closing Statement: Security officers unlocked the SCP-030-FR entrance door and invested the scene again on Dr. ██████'s orders. D-8644's corpse was found in the former location of a figure, sitting on a bench with the cloth lying on the ground at his feet. An analysis of his body, devoid of any injury, points to heart failure as the only cause of death.

Testing Log - Test D - 03/19/████

Subject: D-9440, survivor of the ██████ massacre, whose entire family was murdered in ████.
Procedure: D-9440 is placed under Dr. ██████'s supervision. He is asked to lift the veil of one of the figures.
Results: The corpse of the Site-██ Director, O5-██'s brother, is discovered.
Analysis: Extensive research work has led to the suggestion that D-9440 is distantly related to the Site-██ Director and in the same way, to O5-██; [DATA EXPUNGED].

By O5's unanimous decision, all tests on SCP-030-FR are now forbidden.

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