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Item #: SCP-030-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-030-PT-A is kept at Containment Chamber 09b in Site-09-PT. Containment Chamber 09b is a cuboid room measuring 5m in edge and 50cm thick walls made of frosted glass1, with a second layer of steel measuring 2cm on the exterior wall. The chamber access hatch is 15cm thick and is made out of aluminium and is overlaid with 2cm of ceramic.

In the event of a containment breach, a 25kW laser positioned in front of Containment Chamber 09b and operated by one (1) level 2 security agent is to be fired at SCP-030-PT-B. It is preferable for dispatched security agents to be equipped with μ11 infantry rifles2 as a military response in the event of a full containment breach, if possible.

Description: SCP-030-PT is the collective designation of [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-030-PT-A: SCP-030-PT-A is a circular wood plate with 50cm in diameter. On the object’s surface, there is a carving representing SCP-030-PT-B. Upon pouring human blood over SCP-030-PT-A, the subject from which the blood has been extracted becomes an instance SCP-030-PT-1. SCP-030-PT-A is able to maintain ten (10) instances of SCP-030-PT-1 concomitantly. Attempts to create an eleventh (11th) will initiate SCP-030-PT-B-α events. In the event of there being nine (9) or fewer instances of SCP-030-PT-1 active in a period of █ days, an SCP-030-PT-B-β event will occur.

SCP-030-PT-B: SCP-030-PT-B is an entity with anatomically analogous to that of non-anomalous cephalopods, purple coloured, with its head measuring 30cm in diameter, four (4) tentacles, each measuring 100cm in length. Four flaccid flat appendixes3 measuring 150cm in length and 15cm in width are connected to the sides of SCP-030-B. The creature floats a few centimetres off the ground, and capable of moving at speeds that exceed 40km/h. Above SCP-030-PT-B floats a blue crystal made out of unidentified material as of yet. SCP-030-PT-B is capable of flowing and shooting energy out of this crystal. Objects and organic matter (alive or not) subjected to the effect of the energy will age at a greatly accelerated rate4, leading to the death of a human subject within a few seconds of unbroken fire.

SCP-030-PT-1: Instances of SCP-030-PT-1 are humanoids visually indistinguishable from the converted human. Instances of SCP-030-PT-1 don't require the ingestion of food or water to continue their vital activities, and similarly, don't suffer adverse effects from lack of oxygen. Subjects that become instances of SCP-030-PT-1 show the same results in psychological and psychiatric evaluations before and after conversion.

Discovery: SCP-030-PT was discovered after extensive investigation and espionage of the mysticist cult "Awon iwe Iroko5". Here follows a partial audio transcription of the field report of an agent of the Mobile Task Force PT18-ρ — "Indigent" that had infiltrated the cult:


Agent: █████ P██████ Neves, Class 3 personnel, an agent of the MTF ρ-18.

Mission: Infiltrating and extracting intelligence pertinent to the religious organization "Awon iwe Iroko".

[Day 0]

In the last three months, I have gotten closer to █████ G███████, a known member of the targeted organization. I made him believe I have an intense belief in afro-brazilian mysticism, and he offered himself to introduce me to his "brothers under Iroko6" [sic]. Tomorrow I will be interrogated and the leaders will evaluate my request for admission.

[Day 1]

Iyalorixá7 V████ questioned me for a few minutes regarding my intention to join the clan. In particular, I was intrigued when he asked me if being the ancestral of a great man would give me pride in the afterlife. I didn't know what to reply, but it seems he expected my confusion.

[Day 6]

Today, I participated in a ceremony for the first time. It didn't seem out of the ordinary, the only unexpected thing was the prevalence of a feeding symbology. Iyalorixá V████ spent the entire night eating.

[Unnecessary data removed.]

[Day 48]

During today's ceremony, the elders took me to a cabin separated from the main area of the cult grounds. They made me swear loyalty to my lineage, whatever that means. And then… [REDACTED]. Apparently, all of the iaôs8 of the cult have to go through this. I don't know if I want to continue this mission if I'll be forced to do this.

[Day 50]

Doctor Arantes has informed me that he has the power to demote me to a Class D subject if I deliberately conspire to fail a mission. I don't have much of a choice then, so… at least he promised to give me [EXPUNGED DATA] as a bonus at the end of the year for an insalubrious job. Long live Corporativism.

[Day 55]

I accepted the invite. They gave me a knife, I cut the palm of my hand and [REDACTED]. That bonus better be worth it, doctor.

[Day 62]

Audible impact, presumably agent Neves punching the wall

Arantes you son of a [EXPLETIVE DELETED], I can't believe you made me do this for two minimum wages and a health plan…

A few seconds of silence, followed by a long sigh

If you want a report, you'll get a report. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] the clinical tone, you'll remove half of what I say anyway, won't you?

A few seconds of silence, followed by a sigh

They took all of the iaôs, me included, to the cabin. Iyalorixá V████ pointed to one of them. Said he was the one that least pleased Iroko in the last few days. They tied the boy to a table, and [EXPUNGED DATA] his [EXPUNGED DATA] with [REDACTED]. Then they gave us… permission, if I can call it that, for us to [EXPUNGED DATA]. He was awake the entire time. He screamed and he screamed, he was barely twenty years old. This kind of work takes away someone's spirituality, but even so, I can't believe that something like this would happen if the devil wasn't real. Anyway… Iyalorixá V████ also started taking part in the event after a while. They saved the [EXPUNGED DATA] for him. It must have some kind of ritualistic meaning, I don't know.

Agent Neves committed suicide █ days after submitting the recording. His body was found in the apartment where the Foundation had lodged him at for the duration of the mission. The cult grounds of the Awon iwe Iroko was invaded by security agents of the Foundation █ days after this incident, and SCP-030-PT-A was contained.

20/08/████: With the goal of keeping the SCP-030-PT-1 population constant, Dr. Arantes proposed the institution of MTF Δ-2-PT ("The Flunked"). MTF Δ-2-PT must be comprised of ten (10) Class-D and Class-E subjects at all moments. Agents of MTF Delta-2 will be ordered, under threat of neutralization, to become instances of SCP-030-PT-1. Agents that perform below the expected or that break the guidelines on their contracts and/or swears made to the Foundation may be considered for addition to MTF Δ-2-PT. Members of MTF Δ-2-PT must present themselves to a battery of trimestrial medical evaluations on Site-09-PT.

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