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Item #: SCP-031-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, it is not possible to completely secure SCP-031-DE. At the moment, the securing of SCP-031-DE is established from the formation by a Global Committee (Iss-03), which is completely specialised in the occurrence of SCP-031-DE.

Description: SCP-031-DE is a phenomenon that expresses itself in the spontaneous appearance of a young woman in her 20s. The woman is documented as SCP-031-DE-1 and, according to the test subjects, goes by the name Isa, abbreviated for Isabelle. SCP-031-DE-1 is described as a thin, brown-haired, pretty woman with brown eyes who has a slightly erotic sense of humour.

In all cases observed so far, SCP-031-DE-1 has an immense influence on any male subject who comes into contact with SCP-031-DE-1. Simple conversations between the subjects and SCP-031-DE-1 caused the men to talk very openly and fixedly with SCP-031-DE-1 about any topic, and the subjects seemed unable to avoid even private or intimate topics of conversation. After an indeterminate amount of time, SCP-031-DE-1 does not hesitate to ask the subject to come home with him. Due to SCP-031-DE-1's immense influence, the subject will not succeed in saying no even if he does not want SCP-031-DE-1 to come home with him.

As soon as SCP-031-DE-1 has reached its destination, it will try to get out of the field of sight of the affected subject for a few seconds to initiate the effect of SCP-031-DE. Out of sight, SCP-031-DE-1 will then disappear. The subject will feel a strong dizziness and there will also be an urge to sit down. SCP-031-DE subsequently affects the senses, which is why the subject may experience visual and hearing problems. After this stage, the subject is in a state in which he no longer reacts to external stimuli and is thus no longer able to communicate, or carry out other activities. This state is highly dangerous for subjects, as physiological functions of the body can fail. The "trip" lasts for a maximum of 2 hours before the subject slowly regains his senses.
The phase of unconsciousness caused by SCP-031-DE is described by subjects as a realistic dream in which they lived a complete life, with SCP-031-DE-1 deceiving and abandoning them several times at different stages of life. The dream appeared to each subject as if they had lived through a 75-year-long life within those two hours, which they thought was their real life. There is little connection between the real lives and the lives in the dream, except for the identical environment, which the subject also has in real life. The end of the dream concludes with the dreamed death of the subject, after which the subject wakes up and is responsive again.

Appendix-1: Female subjects who came into contact with SCP-031-DE-1 seemed to hold a very short and limited conversation. It is not yet known whether this is due to SCP-031-DE-1's lack of interest in women or whether the phenomenon is blocked during conversation with a woman.

Appendix-2: Subjects also commented that SCP-031-DE-1 did not always have the name Isabelle during the dream phase, she seemed to have a different name for many subjects, yet the appearance was not affected.

Note: We assume that SCP-031-DE-1 can only occur in German-speaking regions, as the phenomena of SCP-031-DE-1 recorded so far are limited to German-speaking areas. We have not noticed any other restrictions.
-Dr. Nolte

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