3/031-PT LEVEL 3/031-PT



Item #: SCP-031-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-031-PT must be stored in a standard containment vault at Site PT5. The object should receive proper maintenance monthly. Testing of the item must be authorized by Dr. Cezar, current research project leader of SCP-031-PT.

Description: SCP-031-PT consists of an ornate gold ring, with an aquamarine on its surface. The object features minimalist-style illustrations of various animals embossed into the surrounding surface.

The anomalous qualities of SCP-031-PT manifest when an individual places it on one of their fingers. If this requirement is met, the subject bearing the item becomes capable of manifesting an entity designated as SCP-031-PT-2. SCP-031-PT-2 appears to be unable to manifest on its own. If the holder of SCP-031-PT becomes unconscious or dies, SCP-031-PT-2 will expire.

SCP-031-PT-2 is a humanoid entity measuring 130 centimeters in height and weighing 56 kilograms. SCP-031-PT-2 has reddish skin, along with a pair of helical prominences, a hinged tail with a stinger on its end, and a non-functional pair of wings, measuring 210 centimeters in wingspan. It was observed that SCP-031-PT-2 has ontokinetic capabilities. Being able to create and duplicate objects.

SCP-031-PT-2 does not use ontokinetics without being ordered by the holder of SCP-031-PT. If the entity does not receive commands for a period of 30 minutes, it expires and desintegrates.

Note that SCP-031-PT-2 is uncooperative with non-SCP-031-PT holders, in such a way as to pejoratively resort to informalities in its speech articulation; consequently, acting in a derogatory manner towards other individuals present. Psychological analyzes speculate that this fact is due to the entity's frustration with its current status as an object contained by the Foundation.

Discovery/History: SCP-031-PT was originally obtained and contained by the Confraternity of Saint George's Knights sometime in 1992 in Lisbon, Portugal. Recovered documents indicate that the GoI invaded a facility belonging to another currently unknown group, obtaining SCP-031-PT from the location. The item was later stolen by defecting members of the CCSG along with a number of other objects in 1994. These objects were transported by the defectors to Porto, Portugal, in order to sell the items.

The Italian Branch found out about the thefts and contacted the Lusophone Branch for help in locating the stolen items. Mobile Task Force PT55-Ψ “Finders Keepers” was dispatched for the operation and recovered and contained the stolen items. After that, SCP-031-PT was moved to Site PT5, where it currently remains.

Experiment logs 031-A: The following is the list of experiments performed with SCP-031-PT-2. Tests were conducted to determine the extent of the reality bending capabilities of SCP-031-PT-2.

Test 01
Request: Creation of 1 cubic meter of sand.
Result: Successfully accomplished.

Test 02
Request: Creation of an apple.
Result: An apple appeared in the test room, however, it was rotten.

Test 03
Request: Creation of a common Eurasian wild boar.
Result: A wild boar appeared in the testing room. The animal was moved and kept under observation. Boar expired after SCP-031-PT-2 expired.

Test 04
Request: Creating of an adult human being.
Result: SCP-031-PT-2 materialized an adult human being. The individual was devoid of eyes and was directly commanded by SCP-031-PT-2. After SCP-031-PT-2 expired, the individual died.

Test 05
Request: Duplication of SCP-031-PT.
Result: SCP-031-PT was duplicated, but was devoid of animal illustrations and its anomalous capabilities.

Test 06
Request: Duplication of D-4093
Result: D-4093 was duplicated, however, they were dead and devoid of eyeballs. A necropsy of the corpse pointed to total organ failure.

Conclusion: SCP-031-PT-2 has shown to be able to manifest objects, duplicate them, among others, capabilities which were expected due to its reality-bending ability. The capabilities of SCP-031-PT-2 appear to have two observable limitations. The creation/manipulation of living entities, especially humans, and manipulating SCP-031-PT. –Dr. Cezar

Addendum: On 11/01/2016, a letter referring to SCP-031-PT appeared in the office of the Director of Site PT5. On-site investigations were unable to determine the origin of the document. Surveillance systems did not record the moment the file was placed there. The document was moved from the location and filed with the rest of the documents related to SCP-031-PT. A transcript of the contents of this letter can be found below:

Hello, Mister ████, I have urgent business with you. A certain friend told me that you are in possession of something that belonged to me and my comrades. The item in question is our imp. I know what he's capable of, what he can do if he falls into the wrong hands, and I would like to know if I could get him back. It's the only thing I ask of you. I can give you whatever you want i return. When you make up your mind, just place the ring on top of this letter. Thanks.


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