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Item #: SCP-032-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-032-DE is no longer contained, all sightings of SCP-32-DE are being investigated with utmost caution. Upon sighting of SCP-032-DE on German territory, MTF DE22-𝕴 ("Lichterkette") is tasked with detaining SCP-032-DE. In the event of sightings of the SCP object outside of German territory or on the border with another country, the branch of the country concerned must be informed immediately of the location of the SCP. If suitable MTF units cannot be deployed by the affected branch, MTF DE22-𝕴 ("Lichterkette") will be brought to the scene. If necessary, the command to shoot can be given by the leader of the squad. Securing SCP-032-DE is the highest priority on the list of planned seizures of "Caecus Carneliana-Collective" members1.

Since SCP-032-DE has been contained by the Foundation in the past, MTF unit DE22-𝕴 ("Light Chain") has access to the remote control for FTCm Model-C9. The FTCm Model-C9 remote control is currently held by Colonel ██████ of MTF unit DE22-𝕴.

When SCP-032-DE is captured, it must be immediately transported in a 2 x 1 m cylindrical water tank with a water temperature of 70°C.2 The specified temperature of the water has the effect of suppressing SCP-032-DE's ability to teleport for an extended period. MTF unit DE22-𝕴 is equipped with a mobile version of this water tank measuring 0.5 x 0.5 m. SCP-032-DE will be provided with a full-head helmet3 connected to an oxygen supply while in the tank.

Due to SCP-032-DE's anomalous ability, air and ground support may be called in.

All civilian witnesses are to be treated with Class B amnestics.

Description: SCP-032-DE is an approximately 30 year old 172 cm tall white male with short black hair. While SCP-032-DE's appearance may vary, this appears to be the most consistent description. SCP-032-DE weighs 71 kilograms. SCP-032-DE typically wears a white shirt and black pants with a belt.

SCP-032-DE possesses the ability to heighten human senses, and is believed to constantly use this ability on itself. According to SCP-032-DEE, this sensory enhancement includes sight, hearing, touch and smell. Why taste is left out is unknown at this time. SCP-032-DE possesses extensive knowledge of the Foundation and appears to be actively using it against us, but the full extent of this knowledge is unknown. SCP-032-DE is able to escape from undesirable situations by teleporting to any location. Video recordings indicate that this teleportation takes place in a fraction of a second. Additionally, it is possible for SCP-032-DE bring additional people with it when it teleports4 by establishing and maintaining physical contact.

The Model C9 FTCm was implanted into ​​SCP-032-DE's neck on ██/██/████, allowing the detection and to some degree suppression of SCP-032-DE's teleportation ability5. After Incident-142I the device was partially damaged and now offers only part of its original functionality.

An additional ability possessed by SCP-032-DE is to implant information into a human's consciousness. It is believed that this is mediated by eye contact between SCP-032-DE and the subject.

SCP-032-DE has passed knowledge about the Foundation on to certain groups. A team of Foundation hackers managed to obtain a file held by the group "The Serpent's Hand" containing sensitive information about the Foundation and several SCPs. The file was archived by order of the O4 Council (see [FILE REMOVED]).

Furthermore, a "conversation" between SCP-032-DE and SCP-011-DE was discovered. The conversation was saved in a log (see "LOG.SCP_011_DE.12.03.████").

As with all other members of the Caecus Carneliana collective, all emotions seem to be absent. SCP-032-DE can imitate emotion during conversations, making use of this ability while communicating with outsiders.

SCP-032-DE is trained in a number of martial arts and has extensive medical knowledge. When asked questions relating to mathematics, biology, history, philosophy, linguistics and computing, SCP-032-DE answered the questions immediately and with great accuracy (see [DATA EXPUNGED]).

According to SCP-032-DE, it goes by the name of "Daath". The name "Daath" comes from the Sephirot (Kabbalistic "Tree of Life") and translates to "Knowledge". SCP-032-DE gave its name with a Hebrew pronunciation.

Discovery: On the ██/██/19██, SCP-032-DE approached Site-DE██ claiming to be a member of the Caecus Carneliana-Collective. Since all information on the Caecus Carneliana Collective was kept secret, and the FTCm Model-C9 had no effect6, SCP-032-DE was invited to interview. SCP-032-DE accepted the invitation, and a transcript of the interview was made (see "032-CC Interview"). The interview ended with SCP-032-DE teleporting away. SCP-032-DE reacted to further invitations with aggression, attacking the personnel who delivered the invitations.

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