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Item #: SCP-032-FR

Threat Level: Blue

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-032-FR is to be contained in a reinforced case in Site-65’s weapons safe. For security reasons, there must be only two copies of the key, one given to the highest ranked military officer on site end the other to SCP-032-FR’s head researcher. The two keys must be inserted in the locks at the same time in order to open the safe. Only level 4 researchers are authorized to access to SCP-032-FR in order to conduct tests, which must be under the supervision of two (2) armed guards.
In the case of an attack or a containment breach, at least five (5) armed guards are to secure the case and defend their position.

Tests conducted on SCP-032-FR are to be performed by D-Class personnel, and overseen by four armed guards. Researchers must stay in an adjacent room, viewing the test behind type-BR7 bulletproof glass, which can withstand anything from .22 caliber rounds to powerful explosions. The two rooms must be locked hermetically to prevent any biological contamination. Should a pathogen be detected in the test room, anti-bacteriological measures must be applied. The inner covering of the two rooms must be made of 25 centimeters-wide reinforced concrete.

Description: SCP-032-FR is a bolt pistol made of many solid gold or iron parts, including: shafts, springs, various gears and forged parts. The pistol’s grip is made of wood covered in seventeenth century amber varnish. It weighs 1200 grams, which remains unchanged even when reloaded. The only major difference between the object and a normal bolt pistol is that its breech cannot be opened like a bolt by a lever. Instead of reloading the weapon and cocking back its percussion mechanism, the user must pump the shaft under the barrel.

A scan of SCP-032-FR showed a miniature mechanism with a level of complexity similar to SCP-914. To this day, no way to open the pistol has been found, even though its parts are fitted in position by two metal screws.

When a person grabs SCP-032-FR, it engraves a number in Roman numerals – like a tattoo – on the user’s wrist. This number is equivalent to the number of firings available to the user, and indicates the effects of a shooting. Each number means a different effect, and those effects do not change between users. When all shots are fired, the shooter cannot use the weapon anymore.

See the report of tests conducted on SCP-032-FR for more information.

History: SCP-032-FR was first recovered during a Foundation’s raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark auction in Strasbourg. The documents found with the object explained that it was created by ██████, a master gunsmith living in the seventeenth century, and that there may be as many as five (5) models in existence. MTF Delta-3 "Dragons" is tasked with the mission of recovering the other four (4), and investigating reports of several incidents similar to SCP-032-FR’s effects.

According to the works found in the mansion belonging to Mr. ████████ and his descendants, it appears that the master gunsmith may have generated an infinity symbol with the object’s properties. This symbol should allow – according to the works of Mr. ████████ – its wielder to choose the effects of SCP-032-FR’s shots. After submitting Mr. ████████ and his family to tests with SCP-032-FR, it appeared that none of them could generate the symbol. A project to submit the object to testing with more Foundation personnel is pending approval.

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