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Item #: SCP-032-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The ████ mine is closed off to the general public under a “rockfall warning” cover. SCP-032-JP, which has been recently discovered in ████ mine, is to be stored in a standard containment locker at Site-81██. If a member of the public is observed entering the ████ mine and acquiring SCP-032-JP, the item is to be taken and secured, and the person is to be released after being given Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-032-JP is a mineral with a composition and appearance similar to amethyst. SCP-032-JP is weaker than amethyst, and can be easily crushed. SCP-032-JP’s scientific composition is identical to amethyst, with added ██ and ██, as well as unknown elements. SCP-032-JP always smells like wine, and can be consumed. Although it’s been reported that its taste is that of high-quality wine, the main components of wine have not been detected in SCP-032-JP.

SCP-032-JP’s anomaly manifests 24 hours after a human being (Hereafter referred to as SCP-032-JP-1) consumes SCP-032-JP. SCP-032-JP-1 will not become intoxicated when consuming alcohol,1 and consuming anything other than liquor and grapes will become unbearably disgusting. Although this is a psychological response, attempting to consume foods other than liquor and grapes result in [REDACTED]. When they consume non-alcoholic liquids, they become “intoxicated” to the same degree as if they had consumed liquor. The “intoxication” becomes more severe as time passes, being felt from raindrops after 6 hours, and being activated by othe subject’s own saliva, water in the air, and steam after 24 hours. This effect returns to the state at the time of change into SCP-032-JP-1 by consuming SCP-032-JP. When SCP-032-JP is digested, it changes into alcohol content equal to the mass consumed.

At regular intervals after becoming SCP-032-JP-1,2 SCP-032-JP-1’s body turns into wine. This process does not cause anby particular pain or discomfort. Wine retrieval is not possible, as it disappears a few seconds after conversion. It’s not known where the wine disappears to.

SCP-032-JP was discovered on 19██/2/12 around the ██ village near the ████ mine in [REDACTED] Prefecture after a report about “A villager turning into wine” caught the Foundation’s attention. The total amount of SCP-032-JP inside the ████ is estimated to be about ████kg, and its current total output is of about ██kg.

Addendum 1: The following is a translated version of a document written in ancient Greek discovered inside of the ████ mine.

Addendum 2: In the village near the ████ mine, grape cultivation prospers despite the air temperature and soil quality not being adequate for it. Agent ██ questioned the villagers and, with their permission, investigated the soil, discovering SCP-032-JP buried underneath. The Foundation recovered this specimen, and experiments on this matter are under consideration.

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